By Alyssa “T.I.” Soluren, Staff Writer

Inspirational. Peaceful. Nonviolent. These are the words that describe the famous Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Gandhi was a pioneer for nonviolence, and he left an everlasting legacy of peace, culture and diversity. Gandhi, who is referred as the “Great Soul,” had a passion for peace and unity. He was an inspiration to many and encouraged others to promote peace.

India’s Ambassador to the United Nations makes this statement about Gandhi: “In many ways, Mahatma Gandhi pre-envisioned the UN. Much of the work that we do in the area of human rights owes its genesis in the struggle against racial discrimination, which he focused on.”

Having inspired many, Gandhi has become an international symbol of peace. Due to his activism and his greatness for humanity, October 2, his birthday, has been declared an international day of peace. Honor Gandhi and his legacy by practicing nonviolent behavior and promoting peace on October 2.

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