By: Cecillia “Celeste” Barr, Contributing Writer
The end of the semester is nearing for those of you who are still in school.  Finals week is creeping up on you, the stress of finding a new apartment for next year is building up, and most important, GRADUATION is so close yet not close enough.  The days are beginning to feel shorter and shorter and sleep is becoming something like a dream.  Your mind is drifting from you and you’re losing touch with any feelings apart from anxiety, hunger and restlessness.  You might be getting to that point; that breaking point where you start to think “Ah! I’m so over school!”  Don’t do it! Don’t lose it! You’ve come this far already.  Simply, take a few moments to:

Free your thoughts, let them unravel.

Free your mind, allow it to escape and travel.

Free yourself, be anything you want to be.

Free your soul, with poetry.

April is National Poetry Month.

The American Poets Society established this month in 1996 to increase awareness of “the art of poetry to living poets, to our complex poetic heritage, and to poetry books and journals of wide aesthetic range and concern” in today’s popular culture.  Poetry is not just about multiple couplets or stanzas that follow a rhyming scheme or a pattern of emphasized or non-emphasized syllables.  No.  There is certainly more to poetry than that.
Poetry is about expressing yourself.  Letting your emotions pour out of you with a very specific style.  Whether it is free-verse or a highly structured piece, there is a particular way of poetry.  It allows you to run deep through the words; through the line breaks; through the rhyming schemes.  Poetry allows for you to see into the author’s soul and allows for readers to see into yours.
So, you are studying for an exam, apartment hunting, or trying to figure out what outfit you will wear under your cap and gown.  Take a break.  Give yourself a break.  Read a poem while you’re at it.  As a matter of fact, write one.  Give your mind a rest from all the books and allow yourself to be creative and free with your words.  I promise, it will be:

An invigorating, exhilarating, rejuvenating time,


That’s what you can expect with each and every line.

An essence so structured yet wild and free,

So again, free your soul with poetry.

There is so much more to poetry that today’s culture is unaware of.  Please visit to learn a little more about poetry and to see if there are any events near you that you can attend to be a part of spreading the awareness of poetic culture.

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