By Donna “Mythic” Chow, Staff Writer

The Northeast chapters of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. held the annual Northeast Formal at the University of Connecticut (UConn) on May 29. UConn sisters hosted this year’s formal along with help with sisters from the University of Delaware and University at Albany. The formal coordinators, Janet “Sybele” Zheng, Bernice “eXcalibur” Sit, Anna “N*vious” Huang and Taylor “YOLO” Cox, ensured the event ran smoothly.

Sisters and their dates checked in around 7:00 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel Common Room, where they received their “Sky Full of Golden Stars” t-shirts. All guests received a mason jar with stickers to remember this event. Before dinner, neophytes were escorted by their big sisters or dates to the neophyte ceremony. The ceremony was led by the Northeast Governor, Jennifer “Feroce” Rosario, an alumna of University at Albany. After the ceremony, sisters and brothers of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc., Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc., and Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. took pictures with the neophytes.

Donna "Mythic" Chow receives a paddle from the UConn Fall 2016 Class.

Donna “Mythic” Chow receives a paddle from the UConn Fall 2016 Class.

The buffet dinner began after the ceremony. After dinner, Zheng and Rosario presented awards to sisters in recognition of their uniqueness in their respective chapters.  The awards included “Best Dressed,” “Carebear,” Corny Big & Little” and “Most Artistic.” Zheng and Rosario also led a ceremony to send off graduating sisters, leading them to recite the sorority’s preamble. Whispers of other sisters reciting the preamble could be heard within the Common Room. Before the night ended gifts were given out to the neophytes. UConn’s Fall 2016 class also presented a paddle to their assistant affiliate member educator. The night concluded with sisters and guests taking the dance floor.

“The event was a very stressful to plan, since all the sisters had to get together at the same time to plan it,” said Zheng. “It was difficult since the only formal to base it off was last years, but I think with the guidance of our Northeast governor, Jenny, and everyone putting in their ideas we were able to pull off this formal and make it a successful one!”

Featured and Article Images: Special to The Jade Times