By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day coming and going, single sisters nationwide feel the hit as the sisters with significant others rub it in our noses. But never fear — for other sisters are there! However, you feel that you already hang out with your chapter sisters everyday. You hang out with chapters in the same region almost on a weekly basis. But which sisters do you know on the other side of the nation?

We are clustered folk, with chapters in the north and chapters in the south. We are also, as human beings, lazy. Technology and internet absolutely forbids excuses on why sisters across the nation have such a hard time talking to each other. Pick a chapter. Pick a sister. Do the following activities that are free and fun.

  1. Create a blog together – there are many blogging sites, Tumblr being one of my favorites, that two people can share and post and share their lives. It is a way to learn about each other and each other’s life without even having to talk to each other. Similar to this, I found a site called which enables virtual scrapbooking. Show how you live to other sisters! Or maybe each chapter can have a page for each sister outlining favorite things to do, funniest moment, etc. Be Creative — I can’t think of everything for you.
  2.  Truth or Dare: Start an e-mail chain with a sister. If she picks dare, give her a (reasonable!) dare and make her take a picture of it. Truth is like virtual Vegas — whatever is said in the e-mail stays in the e-mail.
  3. actually takes two pictures, and makes a baby — wouldn’t it be nice to see what kind of cute baby you and your fellow sisters would make? It can be something hilarious for you to do (not that I’m saying your baby looks funny) to break the ice.
  4. Make a crazy mad-lib, and give a list of all the nouns, adverbs, etc. that you need and send it to another sister. Once they give you back said nouns, adverbs, etc., fill it in and share it!
  5. Long distance scavenger hunt — we all (or most of us) have cameras on our cell phones. Make use of it! It doesn’t have to be a timed scavenger hunt, but pick something not seen often, and tell a sister that whenever she sees it to take a picture of it. This is a creative way for them to think of you whenever they see a yellow bicycle, or whatnot. It’ll also help sisters keep in touch

These are all individual-individual. What are some chapter-chapter activities you can do?

  1. “Cribs.” Southern chapter, pick a northern chapter and send a video of your pad. What’s so special about your Delta House? What are some memories kept within those walls? Northern chapter — reciprocate!
  2.  Make a family tree. I don’t know about other sisters/chapters, but being a Sneezy has provided me a family within my family. It’s just another way to connect to sisters and to be proud of the roots of your Greekdom. So make a family tree and send it to another chapter so sisters can connect in just more than one way. Have a Dopey conference call or a Doc chat room.
  3. Online “coffee hour.” Have a designated time for everyone to jump on AOL Instant Messenger to discuss interesting issues, or even stupid issues. Have it just to talk about sorority politics or regular government politics. Talk about what your heart may decide.
  4. Make up a list of questions that you may want to ask another chapter. This may be the most beneficial activity. You can find out what other chapters’ recruitment periods are like, what they talk about in chapter, what kind of philanthropic events, etc. Also, mix it up — what does the chapter do to ensure sisterhood remains strong and intact? What do sisters like to do for fun?

These are all just a few simple activities that sisters can take initiative and do during the course of their sorority career. I hope more than one person takes this advice. Or maybe, if someone else comes up with a good idea, please go ahead and enact — best way to show is by example!