By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer

Two sisters were chosen by the board of directors on Jan. 5 to fulfill the vacant positions for national headquartes, Jennifer “Realm” Kim as the director of new member services and Sydney “Chinni” Kronrad as the director of collegiate services.

J. Kim

Jennifer Kim, Director of New Member Services

Kim, the director of new member services, crossed fall 2012 at the University of Georgia. She graduated recently with a bachelor of arts degree in mass media, a new media certificate and a minor in French. During her time as an active sister, she served as an affiliate member educator twice, assistant affiliate member educator, and a chapter liaison for The Jade Times.

What drove Kim to consider the director position was the fact that recruitment and the affiliate education rituals were her favorite experiences while being an active sister. Her position’s responsibilities include overseeing all chapters’ recruitment processes, their education processes, and the intake of the affiliate members. New goals she has for the position are updating the affiliate and developing a sister certification exam.

Fun facts about Kim include her somewhat annoying but beloved chihuahua named Tybee, after the island in Georgia, and wanting to one day work for Universal Studios, since she had previously earned the opportunity to intern for NBCUniversal.

S. Kronrad

Sydney Kronrad, Director of Collegiate Services

The director of collegiate services, Kronrad chartered the University at Albany chapter in spring 2012, along with her seven line sisters. As an active sister, she served many positions, including vice president of external affairs, performance chair and community service chair. While serving the many positions with the sorority, she also double majored in Chinese studies and accounting and is now a senior accountant for the firm Ernst and Young.

What drew Kronrad to the director of collegiate services position was knowing that her line sister had previously held the position. After establishing herself and career as an accountant, she knew she was ready to give back to the sorority for this new year by taking on this role.

As director of collegiate services, she plans to update manuals and forms, serve as a liaison between chapters and national headquarters, continue developing the chapter excellence manual and to help with program development for all chapters.

Some fun facts about Sydney include being color blind, as well as having a Nepalese background who is fortunate to have great biological parents as well as a loving adopted family here in the United States.

Juliet “Escapade” Shen and Jennifer “Parallyx” Le, both Albany alumnae, were the former directors who resigned last fall semester. For further questions, contact Kim at and Kronrad at


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Article Images: Jennifer Kim, Sydney Kronrad