By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

One movie I would like to see this month is “Silenced.” It is actually a Korean movie that premiered in the U.S. on November 4. It is based on true events, and is actually a bit disturbing. A new teacher that arrives at the school begins investigating strange occurrences within the school. It is ultimately discovered that the principal is not only discriminatory against the deaf students—to the teacher’s horror, the principal physically and sexually abuses the students. The teacher teams up with an activist to fight against society and the principal in order to expose these horrors.

I think that though the premise of this movie is disturbing, it is also inspiring that no matter what, someone will stand up for those that cannot. This movie also points out the negative side of a culture — the fact that one person had to work so hard to fight for the rights of children, deaf or not, speaks of a lack of compassion in society. Although I have not watched this movie, I believe this month, this movie sounds the most interesting to me. Although some people may have to wait for subtitles in order to watch this movie, I give this movie the Movie of the Month spot because I believe it will have the biggest impact amongst all other movies.