By Kristine “Sumitra” Aguilan, Staff Writer

After an especially eventful year of dedication and discipline, demonstrating two of our sisterhood’s seven virtues, Julienne “Melodee” Kung has rightfully sowed what she reaped: having been one of the selected sisters to join the Order of the Omega for the previous 2010-2011 academic year in March, 2011, graduating with the class of 2011 from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, and for winning the 2011 National Convention Mission Award, the award granted to one sister throughout the nation that displays the very essence of what it is to be a sister of Delta Phi Lambda.

Kung was also President as well as a part of helping develop the chapter, which was also given the honor of becoming the Zeta Chapter at Convention as well. And through all the stress and hard efforts, she still manages to look her best in our proud letters.

Now a recent alumnae, the summer proves itself to be quite the busy one. After all the hard work and perseverance of the last four years geared towards demonstrating academic excellence, it is certainly one she deserves to enjoy. Though Kung was unable to attend the 2011 National Convention to receive the prestigious award personally, she returned from a trip to South Korea to only find out after the fact that she was honored with the accolade. After returning from her journey to Asia, she immediately begins working for her oldest sister, Joyce, planning and executing a wedding as the Maid of Honor. During the reception, I took some time aside to pose some questions to her amidst the joyous occasion we attended together.

TJT: You were not present at the 2011 National Convention; how did you know that you had won and how did it make you feel to have received the Mission Award?
Melodee: I actually did not find out about [the nomination] until I came back from traveling and visited sisters for the first time at a [Georgia Tech] recruitment event and MGC BBQ. I felt honored that I was the one to be nominated and to receive the award because I know that others in our chapter have also worked hard to branch out and participate in other cultural organizations.

TJT: During your time with Georgia Tech, what kinds of activities or events do you feel help you to earn the Mission Award?
Melodee: Helping to host our chapter’s events, including the 3C’s events and D Phi L Week events […] was an educational and fulfilling experience. Also, I attended other cultural organizations’ meetings and got to know great students who were also hosting other Asian or cultural events. Not only does this create more of a friendly atmosphere among the various cultural groups, but participating in other organizations’ events is also very informative, and we learn so much about the groups in our community.

TJT: How does your chapter feel about you winning this award?
Melodee: I asked the new president Karen “Murrina” Cheng about this, she said, “[We are proud and honored] to have Julienne ‘Melodee’ Kung win this award. […] We want to thank this sister for her passion and dedication.”
TJT: Will you continue to be active within Georgia Tech or even on a national level with Delta Phi Lambda?
Melodee: I hope to continue to be active with [Delta Phi Lambda]; for now, my days vary, and I am an alumna advisor to my home chapter. Once I settle down, it will be easier to see how I can stay involved.

TJT: What will you do now that you have graduated and join the ranks of alumni sisters? What are you looking to pursue or do you have a career already lined up for you?
Melodee: I was ecstatic to find my dream job with a company in Virginia, which has so many interesting projects, a great company atmosphere, and such wonderful people. Currently, I am not working because a couple of the projects that I was going to work on involve information from the government, and my employer needs to request security clearance from them. I heard horror stories about the amount of time it could take to obtain even the temporary passes, so once I return to Atlanta at the end of September, I plan to find some temporary employment in electrical engineering. Does anyone need some help?

Again, even after all that she has accomplished at this point, she is still willing to be the helping sister we should all strive to become. Congratulations, Melodee – you are a shining example of excellence in our sisterhood!