By Ashanti “Accel” Henderson, Staff Writer

Karen Cheng

Unbeknownst to Karen “Murrina” Cheng, her line sister Vanessa “Raize” Loung nominated her for the Mission Award, and she won!

Cheng, who is a senior at Georgia Institute of Technology, said she was happy and excited to receive the award at convention. The mission award is given to a sister who has put effort into spreading the mission of promoting Asian awareness.

Cheng joined Delta Phi Lambda to embrace her Asian heritage; spreading Asian awareness is something that comes naturally to her. She believes spreading the mission is easy if you make it part of what you do and think. She said it’s about the mindset, and “[She] always keep[s] Delta Phi Lambda on [her] mind.” Her vision for the campus is to see a bigger and more united Asian presence.

Cheng has seen a change in Asian awareness on her campus since she crossed when AASA, an umbrella organization at GT for all Asian organizations, was first getting started. She believes she has contributed to a greater Asian awareness by embodying the mission through her leadership positions within and outside of Delta Phi Lambda. Last year she served as chapter president, and has been an AASA officer for the past two years.

Beyond her leadership positions, she naturally takes charge by encouraging her sisters to spread the name of Delta Phi Lambda and serving as a chapter spokesperson of sorts. She is also skilled at recruiting. Whether in history class or studying abroad in Shanghai, she is always looking for people interested in spreading Asian awareness.

Cheng is internally motivated to further the mission, but also draws inspiration from other sisters such as alumna Victoria “Juicy” Huynh, who she always sees on campus supporting the Asian community with CPACS, which stands for Center for Pan Asian Community Services.

Cheng has made spreading the mission part of her life, even embedding it in her school career. She started at GT as a business major, and is currently an industrial design major. In high school Cheng excelled at math and science, areas in which women are traditionally underrepresented. She is aware that Asian women lack representation in high positions in this industry and wants to make a change in society by paving the way for other Asian women to empower themselves and break stereotypes.