By Mai “Suave” Nguyen, National Vice President of Finance

Delta Phi Lambda entered into a partnership with MemberPlanet this fall. MemberPlanet is a platform that provide chapters easy-to-use tools to communicate, process payments, and manage membership and infrastructure initiatives. In addition, it enables collegiate members to share fundraising initiatives with their entire social media network and email contacts with just a few clicks on their mobile or desktop devices, creating a easier, safer, and more efficient way to fundraise.

Below are some key features of MemberPlanet:

Robust Powerful Solutions for Chapters

Collegiate member can promote awareness and participation of their choice of causes via MemberPlanet. The platform will showcase individuals or businesses with top donors and supporters. With MemberPlanet, you can allow your campaigns and events to go viral through social media engagement.

Email Campaigns

With MemberPlanet, one does not need to be a programmer to create an attractive HTML email. Simply choose a template and color palette and a message can be sent out in minutes. Custom templates can be saved and and re-used in the future. Live reporting reveals how many people have opened the emails, and the persons that clicked on the links, provided data needed to better reach the targeted audience.

Group Text Messaging

MemberPlanet provides group text messaging to facilitate mass communication. 

MemberPlanet aligns with Delta Phi Lambda’s strategic initiatives and can assist chapters in time management through the execution of all administrative tasks on one seamless platform. In addition, the technology will improve communication within the sorority, reduce overall costs, improve productivity and provide better services to chapters.

Delta Phi Lambda chapters and colonies may begin enjoying the benefits of this new partnership immediately. For further information or questions, contact Mai Nguyen, vice president of finance at

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times


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