By Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer

The Colony Chapter of the University at Albany was established on March 31, 2012 by eight dedicated female leaders: Sydney Kronrad, Tracy Wang, Carmen Lai, Shirley Wong, Jen Le, Fizza Zaman, Deidre Pinkerton and Diana Lee. The interest group, named O.P.A.L. (Only Proven and Loyal), began a in the spring of 2011 in the hopes of chartering the first northeast chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Want to get to know these charters better? Check out our interview below.

1. What was the greatest challenge you found while chartering?

The greatest challenge that we all found while chartering was trying to schedule time with eight other girls. Time management was a huge deal for us.

2. Describe the Greek scene on your campus. Is the amount of multicultural Greek organizations lacking? Is there a diversified or multicultural Greek council?
We have eight other multicultural organizations on our campus. Our Council is called the “Multicultural Greek and Fraternal Council.” We already have two other APIA sororities on campus.

3. What was running through your mind when you received news of your bid?

We were extremely excited when we received the call. It was unbelievable, but we knew that all of our hard work as an interest group was finally going to be recognized. We couldn’t wait to begin the next step.

4. How has your group grown and learned from going from an Interest Group to a Colony Chapter?

From the beginning as an IG, it was tough because we lacked organization, and we weren’t really clear with what was required of us as an IG. Especially finding girls who are interested and committed. Through the process and right now as a colony chapter, we have grown a lot as a group and as a chapter. We have gotten much stronger and have better communication among each other. We also learned to compromise and listen to each other’s ideas.

5. How has your campus reacted to you bringing Delta Phi Lambda to UAlbany?
The reaction from campus about bringing Delta Phi Lambda to UAlbany was interesting. Many people were interested in the group and who was in it. The biggest reaction from campus was right after our reveal. We are the first APIA sorority on campus to ever do a reveal. From other fraternities and sororities, they were really impressed that we did personal greetings and [added] an extra vibe to it. They felt very appreciative.

6. How does your chapter plan to help spread the name of DPhiL through the Northeast?

We would definitely like to go to other schools and meet more people and other interest groups to further grow, but also show who we are and stand for.

7. Why did you choose to charter Delta Phi Lambda on your campus?

We chose Delta Phi Lambda to be chartered on our campus because I value its seven virtues and its mission statement. The first time I looked at the website, I just found it very interesting and had a good vibe from it. I even watched the videos of reveals and strolls, and I feel like it is very different from what we already have on our campus. And I like the fact that the sorority lists out its seven virtues and how they are. It has chapters in [the] Southeast and Midwest; I feel like it will be great to have a chapter in the Northeast and [expand] Delta Phi Lambda even more.

8. What are the next few things your chapter hopes to accomplish within the first few months of being revealed on campus?

We hope to build bridges with the Greek organizations and non-Greek organizations. As [a] chapter, we want Delta Phi Lambda to show that we can bring unison [to] other organizations. It doesn’t have to be only about Greek organizations or even Asian organizations. Working together as a group is a definite step. Another huge step that the chapter would like to take is getting Delta Phi Lambda’s name a little louder on campus. Let interested undergrad ladies know that we’re here. Show them what we’re all about. And internally, we’re creating and setting a firm foundation and goals for the UAlbany campus now, next semester and years to come.