By Sonia “Klara” Ohashi, Staff Writer

While the weather was below 20 degrees on a chilly Sunday morning, seeing sisters faces after a long winter break apart lit a fire in us all. The sisters of Kappa Chapter kicked off the spring semester with our annual winter retreat from Jan. 17 to 18.

The retreat started on Jan. 17 with an activity called the “Privilege Walk,” where sisters were instructed to stand in a line and step up when a comment pertaining to yourself was mentioned. The purpose of this activity was to help us recognize some of the setbacks we may have experienced earlier in life but to also realize how far we have come and where we stand now in spite of struggles.

The day continued onto team building exercises with a video on vulnerability. We discussed how vulnerability plays a crucial role in our relationships and our ability to empathize with others. Sisters were then divided into small groups to talk about some of the “crucibles,” or defining moments of their lives. This exercise allowed us all to tear down our walls and share some experiences with each other that are often difficult to bring up. It reminded us all that we are in a safe space when we are with our sisters, and reaffirmed the solidarity of our sisterhood. After completing the crucibles activity, we all reconvened in a circle for an affirmation exercise. Sisters each tied a piece of yarn around their wrist and then tossed the spool to a sister that they wanted to give recognition to. A web of yarn formed at the center of the circle, creating a visual of our interconnectedness and strength.

After these exercises, we dove into chapter business. We worked through some of the officer transitions for the new semester and discussed the major events our chapter has scheduled for the spring, such as Recruitment, Taste of Asia and DPhiL Week.

Kappa Chapter Gift Exchange

Loyola sisters exchanged gifts during their winter retreat on Jan. 17.

To finish off the first day of our winter retreat, we had our long awaited chapter gift exchange and ate some spicy Korean food at Yeowoosai for dinner.

Day two, Jan. 18, of the winter retreat began with a breakfast made by the younger members of our chapter from Tau and Upsilon class. Sisters talked over pancakes, eggs and croissants before the retreat came to an end.

We concluded the retreat with general updates for the upcoming semester and the following sister superlatives:

  • Academic Excellence: Kira “Orbis” Hinz
  • Most Academically Improved: Sonia “Klara” Ohashi
  • Most Sisterhood: Brittany “Airabella” Chow
  • Most Outreach-in FSL Community: Huanyi “Esmeé” Zhen

The winter retreat was packed full of laughter and tears, and yet, we still conducted business and planned events for this spring semester. It was a wonderful start to the new year catching up with sisters, and we are all excited for what 2016 has in store.

Kappa Chapter Winter Retreat Dinner at Yeowoosai

After exchanging gifts, sisters from Loyola University Chicago took a trip to Yeowoosai for dinner on the night of Jan. 17.


Featured and Article Images: Special to The Jade Times