By Lydia “xHALE” Kim, Staff Writer

Sisters from our Kappa Chapter at Loyola held their annual Unity Feast on Nov. 23. The event marked the ninth year that the chapter has hosted the event, and it is one of its bigger philanthropy events of the semester.

At Unity Feast, attendants receive a plate full of Thanksgiving-themed food from Boston Market  in exchange of two canned, nonperishable foods. In past years, only one can was asked for the event, but this year, the chapter aspired to gather more to donate. All proceeds go toward the Chicago Food Depository every year.

Sonia Ohashi, co-fundraising chair for the chapter, was one of the sisters in charge of organizing this event.

“Hunger is something so prevalent in the city of Chicago,” she said. “It’s something I see everyday going to and from campus. The holidays are especially tough for those that can’t afford to feed their families, so we thought donating food would be a nice thing to do around this time of the year.”

Various on and off campus organizations came out to support, and the event was an overall success. Thanks to our own sisters, a lot more people in Chicago have more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

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