By Savitre “Rapture” Geeratisoontorn, Contributing Writer

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I confess that I misled you all with my previous title, which included the word “housewife”, for I am not married.


But very soon to be.

Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up:

  1. When renting a venue, don’t necessarily pick a wedding venue. Pick a place based on necessary occupancy/seating capacity. See if you can get away with skipping the word “wedding” when asking for quotes, and your rental cost may be lowered (I didn’t get away with this because I’m too honest). We had considered renting my future parents-in-law’s housing association clubhouse. We also considered our Buddhist temple’s giant event room. But thank God we found our venue. Justin had stumbled upon it!
  1. Record receipts as soon as you obtain them. Put everything on a spreadsheet.
  1. Place an emphasis on dependable, mature, local people as members of your wedding party. This advice is not to offend anyone, but you must value practicality over sentimentality for your sanity’s sake. Same thing goes with having children in your wedding party. Distracted children, who may not fully grasp the importance of their role in your wedding, may be best left out. If you want to be sentimental, give smaller roles to those individuals. Decide if you even want a wedding party.  Personally, I have a maid of honor and a team of wedding helpers. I took time to explain my decision to those individuals closest to me. No drama necessary!
  1. Utilize wedding timeline checklists. They help tremendously. There are several free wedding planning websites where you can sign up and create your own account. I highly recommend Even if you choose to be old-fashioned and prefer everything done by paper and snail mail, the checklist available on this website is so useful, and you can pick and choose which reminders you want!
  1. Can you tell by now I’m not old-fashioned in most things? Here’s another curveball for thought: skip the engagement party, skip the engagement photos, and skip the announcements. Decide if you’d like to have a private ceremony, and invite more friends and family to the reception instead.
  1. If done wisely and frugally, print save-the-dates and invitations through regular printing companies instead. The initial price of the printed text seemed affordable for me, but I didn’t thoroughly research the amount I had spent on cardstock, which was my pitfall. In fact, I should have chosen a different company to produce my printed text altogether. Alas, hindsight is 20/20.
  1. Flowers are expensive and wasteful. Think of bouquet and centerpiece alternatives instead. My friend made herself a button bouquet, for example. I made my bouquet out of silk flowers. I was going to have my centerpieces made of fresh flowers, but the particular vendor I went to tried to talk me into buying a real flower bouquet from him. His centerpiece quote was expensive. I may not be the fiercest person, but I know when to not sign a contract with someone who bullies! My centerpieces will be of the DIY variety instead.

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  1. Buying the dress is such a calamity from what I hear nowadays. You have indecisive brides and bridesmaids who over-solicit their negative opinions. I don’t doubt the opinions of my nonexistent bridesmaids, but honestly… I know my style. I know what fits. I know what looks and feels good for me. I bought my dresses online. Yes, I DID IT. And I measured myself with a measuring tape to make sure I picked the right size. Some people say I got extremely lucky. I say, it is what it is. I don’t mess around!
  1. Social media. Personally, as far as Facebook/Instagram/Twitter knows, I am getting married sometime soon. Who’s invited and who’s involved is my business to share with who I want. Utilize your restricted list, ladies! Be careful of what you post and who you’re sharing with. Don’t call me nice, but call me smart! You won’t regret this decision. Your friends, coworkers and acquaintances will all have different reactions to your upcoming marriage based on THEIR current level of happiness in life. Don’t give the fuel to their fire if you don’t need to.
  1. Lastly, keep Bridezilla locked down. Please understand me when I say that nobody cares about your wedding as much as YOU and HIM. That being said, people are going to be late with their RSVPs, going to invite you to single, wild girls’ night out events, will forget important dates and deadlines, and will try to overrun your decisions. STAY COOL. Before you know it, this wedding will all be over with. Would you like to come out of it with a husband and all your other relationships intact, or are you coming out with casualties of war? Is it really worth the cost?


Plan happily, ladies!


Featured Image: Allan Ajifo
Article Image: Savitre Geeratisoontorn