By Emilia “Lavender” Liem, Copy Editor

Loyalty – Dogs are probably the most loyal creatures on Earth. There are thousands of dogs without homes. If it is not the right time to adopt, make the time to go to an animal shelter and spend an hour or two with the dogs staying there. They will appreciate the company and the opportunity to play beyond the confines of their cages.

Honesty – Did you ever write in a journal or diary when you were younger? It was the one medium in which you could truly be honest with yourself. Start writing again! If you are more traditional, invest in a nice journal you can find at any bookstore. Or, you can create a journal online. Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr are all free online sites where you can start.

Respect – the earth and recycle your clothes. Clean out your entire closet. Make a donation to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Or, if you are interested in expanding your wardrobe, try hosting a clothing swap. Invite some friends over and have them bring some of their closet rejects. One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure! You may find some cute new clothes for summer or fall.

Dedication – to your family. Make a point to spend time with your family. If they happen to live far away, make a road trip to see them. They will appreciate the effort you made and it may bring you closer together.

Integrity – Who are more moral and pure than kids? If you find yourself without plans on a weekend night, make it a movie night. Pick a fun animated feature, like “Despicable Me,” “Up” or any of the “Toy Story” movies. Their feel-good stories will brighten your spirits.

Discipline – your body. Try something new and unexpected, like a pole dancing class. Work out in a fun interesting way and pick up a new skill along the way. Check out Groupon, Living Social or Half Off Depot for great deals. They usually feature offers for one month of classes at various places.

Academic Excellence – sharpen your mind. Try reading a book while laying out at the pool. Read a book on a topic of interest, such as history, languages, computer science, etc. Or, pick something completely out of left field and see how you like it!