By: Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

Because most people already know about Korean cuisine (Korean BBQ, kimchi, etc.), I am going to try to pick a dish that is unfamiliar to most. My personal favorite Korean food is mool nangmyun (물냉면). Literally, this translates to cold water noodles, and are my personal favorite because it used to be a comfort food while I was growing up.

My mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she used to cry because we were in Europe at the time and she craved this nangmyun all the time. Perhaps this is also a reason why I crave it all the time.

These types of noodles are a favorite during the summer, because it is cold and refreshing. I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life and be satisfied. This dish is also healthy as well as refreshing, and includes vegetables and fruit, if you so wish. The tastes of the beef broth and vinegar and mustard all come together to create a party in your mouth.

Although I could not find the history of the noodles, it is a meal that I always enjoy. Although it is a bit time-consuming to make, it is worth every drop. I love this dish, and always will. I hope that if you try it, you will love it as much as I do.

Here is a youtube video for those curious on how to make this delicious, cold and refreshing dish: