By Gaoli Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Georgia State University senior Katie “Ruby” Chan will admit that Gamma chapter has experienced several bumps in the road last year. Fortunately for that, Chan was compelled to accept the challenge to help lead her chapter through its trials and ultimately won the Sister of the Year award at Convention X in Orlando, Fla.

Chan said she has learned that “even when things get difficult and aren’t going my way, my dedication and determination helps me pull through and [I] do the best I can.”

As last year’s vice president and co-formal chairperson, Chan looked after the officers and sisters of Gamma chapter. Often times, Chan took on the role of president in the absence of their president. While Gamma chapter organized the Delta Phi Lambda National Convention IX and worked on a regional formal and induction ceremony in addition to their regular events and activities, Chan said, “Being able to view things in many different perspectives and being understanding allowed me to lead this chapter.”

“It was not an easy year, but I managed to pull through all the stress with the encouragement of my mama [new member educator], papa [assistant new member educator], biggie, line sisters and other Georgia chapters; they encouraged me to be stronger and believed in me,” said Chan.

Chan is currently the president of the Gamma chapter and anticipates graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems in May 2012.