By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Editor-in-chief

For this issue, The Jade Times features the winners of the Founder’s Day Seven Virtues contest, the sisters of Kappa Chapter at Loyola University Chicago. Huanyi “Esmeé” Zhen, Jennifer “celestíaL” Li and their chapter liaison, Sonia “Klara” Ohashi, chimed in on questions we asked about how they live the seven virtues and how sisters celebrated founder’s day.

What one virtue out of the seven does Kappa Chapter embody the most? Why?

Ohashi: Out of the seven virtues that Delta Phi Lambda holds, Kappa Chapter absolutely embodies loyalty the most. I have never seen such devotion from a group of women, not only for their individual values, but for each other. We are one another’s support system, never failing to uplift a sister if she is down. Loyalty is what keeps our sisterhood so strong, and what encourages us to be the best versions of ourselves.

How did the chapter celebrate founders’ day?

Ohashi: On founders’ day, we celebrated with a potluck dinner with a few of our alumnae and charters. Despite the cold Chicago weather in December, we all left that evening with warm hearts and full bellies after catching up with sisters.

What defines being a Dedicated Female Leader?

Zhen: Leadership is less about the position and more about the impact a leader is able to make. Being a truly dedicated female leader, we need to persevere and lead everyone through the obstacles we face on the way. There is a leader in everyone; it just depends on when and how one can use it to benefit others.

How has Delta Phi Lambda helped you all become Dedicated Female Leaders?

Ohashi: Every aspect of Delta Phi Lambda has contributed to our growth into Dedicated Female Leaders. Whether it’s holding a position on eboard, or becoming a big sister, Delta Phi Lambda provides each of us with leadership opportunities everyday. I, personally, feel like a changed person after joining Delta Phi Lambda, and I know many other sisters feel the same way. In addition to the leadership roles we hold, each of our virtues are meant to encourage us to be women of vision, women that have the drive to make positive change. Simply upholding Delta Phi Lambda’s virtues helps us to grow into the best versions of ourselves we can be.

What is the chapter looking forward to the most for the upcoming year?

Ohashi: Each year Kappa Chapter looks forward to seeing the incoming new members, and how they contribute to the chapter. With each new class that comes in, the dynamic of the chapter changes, and provides us with new perfectives and fresh input. It is always exciting to see our chapter grow and evolve with the coming year.

What is the chapter’s goal for the spring semester? For the next year?

Li: We are constantly seeking to pass on the legacy that the wonderful alumnae left for us in everything that we do, constantly seeking to dedicate our efforts to make a positive change in the community in which we serve in. As social injustice is getting to be more prevalent in the Chicago land area, we are seeking to engage in these issues with our peers and educating the community, whether if its through workshops or cultural awareness events occurring/we host at Loyola. Philanthropy and community service is a pillar of our chapter, and we look forward to dedicating efforts to spread awareness for our own national philanthropy, Osteoporosis Awareness, as well as participating in service opportunities in our community like Greeks for A Good Cause. Our chapter is proud to provide young women with the opportunity of a lifetime membership through values-based programs, and the opportunity of forming lifelong friendships. Encouraging leadership development to our members, and strengthening our bonds is an endless goal.


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times