By Gaoli Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Vice president of finance and academic chairperson at Zeta chapter, Jennifer Tsai was elected to receive the Academic Excellence Award at the 2011 national convention. Though she looks like just another student, going about her days attending classes and filling the time in-between with meetings and club events, she is truly a unique individual.

Born in New Jersey, having lived in Hong Kong, California and now Georgia, Tsai has learned how to adapt quickly to new environments.

In terms of academic excellence, the seventh virtue but still important nonetheless, Tsai maintains her grade point average and other activities by using the Google Calendar application to “map out every hour” of her day, she said.

To supplement her finances, Tsai said, “I tried working last year, but it made me too busy and stressed, so I quit after it affected my grades.

“School is obviously the first priority; that is what is going to lead to the rest of our career and future. I also prioritize job-searching opportunities, like career fairs and informational meetings. Friends, chores and errands are the fillers that go in-between my classes and events.”

A self-proclaimed nerd, Tsai attributes her academic achievements to her genuine interest in science and innovation. However, she relies on supplementary sources to further understanding of class material.
Tsai said, “If you don’t understand the material, use different supplementary sources to further your understanding. For some subjects it may be helpful to write an overview so you can see the big picture and how everything you have learned ties into it.”

Tsai anticipates on graduating in the spring of 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Technical Institute in Atlanta, Ga. Though she is unsure of her career path at the moment, she is optimistic and looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.