To Sisters and Friends,

This issue serves as my last hurrah as the newsletter editor-in-chief for Delta Phi Lambda. I’ll be officially stepping down from my position on Feb. 6 to better serve our community in a greater capacity and allow another Dedicated Female Leader the opportunity to keep you connected to the sorority.

The newsletter will always be a work in progress, but establishing its foundation with an entire team has given me valuable insight on the importance of including each sister in the pursuit of our mission and staying true to our seven virtues of loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication, integrity, discipline, and academic excellence. I’ve had my fair share of responsibilities in my role, but these sisters who have diligently worked on this team deserve the credit:

Alberta Liang
Alyssa Haselsteiner
Anna Huang
Anyssa Volarath
Arianne Quinanola
Ashanti Henderson
Brianna Williams
Christal Sengkhamphong
Christina Shin
Donna Chow
Elaine Phong
Fann Chau
Geneley Childress
Haley Lane
Houa Vang
Jade Johnson
Jasmine Au
Jenna Bradshaw
Jennah Davison
Jennifer Kim
Jessica Xi
Jessie Kim
Joyce Chan
Julienne Kung
Kathy Chen
Kirsten Daigle
Kristine “Kippie” Wesner
Lydia Kim
Maria Thomas
May Ramos
Maya Williams
Molly Naaktgeboren
Monique White
Rebekah Jaramillo
Rose Chai
Sarah Nguyen
Savitre Schaefferkoetter
Sonia Ohashi
Tamera Pillay
Taylor Cox
Thavi Chhoun
Viloc “Oanhie” Pham
Whitney Newton
Wilma Miranda
Xiomara Santana
Yaling Hsu
Yari Mena-Lopez











Onward, we will continue creating content to engage each other and give you a platform to share your perspectives and stories. In this issue, we hope you find comfort and inspiration through our Everlasting Sisterhood, from the Women’s March to a feature spotlighting a dedicated alumna. Thank you to the sisters who voted for our newsletter social media icon. As an update, we are in the process of proposing the icons as ordered by the Board of Directors.

Empowered women empower women. We are forever grateful for your dedication.




Kristine “Aster” Medina