By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Staff Writer


Jasmine Au (left) and Vanessa Au (right)

Legacy: a daughter, sister or granddaughter of an initiated member of a sorority.

The Iowa State University chapter has been active for one year. Within the year, two legacies have crossed into Delta Phi Lambda: Jasmine “Werifesteria” Au and Loc “Alpenglow” Phan.

“I think it feels kind of unreal but it’s quite the honor as well,” Jasmine said. “To be connected with my sister through a national organization despite being miles apart is a wonderful thing.”

Jasmine is one of the seven charters that founded the Iowa State chapter on March 1, 2015. Her older sister, Vanessa “panaXea” Au, chartered at the University of Iowa in 2012 and is now an alumna. She gave her the inspiration to start the organization on her campus.

“Ever since I became her legacy, I think our relationship has grown stronger,” Jasmine said of Vanessa. “Being part of the same organization as her allowed me to see her struggles and successes, which ultimately inspired me to work hard within the organization as well. She’s someone I’ve learned I can rely on both in emotions and in business.”


Linh Phan (left) and Loc Phan (right)

Loc “Alpenglow” Phan is the newest legacy at Iowa State, having crossed Alpha Class in spring 2016.

“I believe being a legacy could help further develop the relationship between my sister and I (although I believe we’re already really close),” Loc said. “Working with my sister for a good year will actually help me a lot. I could learn a lot from her and have inputs and help when needed as I know she has already been through this before.”

Her sister, Linh “Resilience” Phan, was also part of the charter class at Iowa State. Both sisters will be active together in the 2015-2016 academic year. The Phan sisters have a close relationship and believes it will only grow stronger due to the accomplishments and struggles they will go through as sisters and part of the DFL community.

“It honestly feels good to have a sister in the sorority because that means she has the same views and vision as I do in a way,” Loc said. “I’m really proud of her for joining because I know DFL is a great sorority itself.”

Jasmine and Vanessa are two hours apart from each other. While distance can be a barrier because face-to-face contact and closeness is important to them, they manage to maintain their relationship through technology.

However, being a legacy comes with great expectations.

“We not only share genes, but we are also both charter legacies so my expectations of her are high,” Vanessa said.

Jasmine expects the same of Vanessa and is inspired by Vanessa’s personal growth within the organization and in life.

“I believe she can achieve anything she sets her mind to,” Jasmine said.


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