By Whitney “Airyn” Newton, Staff Writer/Newsletter Social Media Manager

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The Iota Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda hosted its 8th annual Global Gala Showcase at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) on Nov. 13. Featuring free admittance, free food, free raffle entries, and unlimited access to a photo booth, the event attracted over 400 attendees with an additional 100 performers.

Global Gala is a cultural showcase aimed at promoting diversity. Performances at the showcase are all culturally based, with an educational introduction before each piece intended to provide the audience with a better understanding of that particular culture and the meaning behind the performance. The total of thirteen performances varied, featuring salsa, Old World Music, K-Pop, Vietnamese hat dance and Lion dance performed by the Linh Son Buddhist Temple Youth Group, Taekwondo Club and performances from Indian Student Association, Multicultural Greek Council Greek organizations and Hope College.

The annual showcase has an important impact on the GVSU campus. According to the GVSU Office of Institutional Analysis for the current 2015 enrollment, minorities make up less than 20 percent of the ethnicities represented at the university, with 82 percent of the undergraduate population being white. Global Gala allows the different cultures underrepresented to educate the general public about his/her cultures from musical performances, fashion shows, and dances.

“My favorite part of Global Gala was being able to spread cultural awareness in my community through a celebration of differences,” Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw, who crossed in spring 2014, said. “These differences brought us together to learn a little something from one another.”

The sisters also benefited their community by helping to fundraise through a game called “Minute To Win It,” where spare change was collected from the audience in a short time frame. Over $100 was raised for Dégagé Ministries of Grand Rapids, which helps the homeless and low-income young adults throughout the Grand Rapids area.


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