By Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer

During Delta Phi Lambda’s National Convention in August 2011, the Blue Rose Award was given to the Epsilon chapter at the University of Central Florida, who also hosted convention. The Blue Rose Award is granted to the chapter that shows the greatest improvement among all sorority aspects from the previous year through philanthropy, social events, academics, etc., while also conveying the seven virtues in every activity. Receiving this award gave Epsilon chapter sisters a great sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment for their hard work and dedication.Lillie “Premier” Dao said it was a very proud moment for her chapter. Being the host chapter for a national event is always stressful. The receipt of the Blue Rose Award not only affirmed their hard work for the national event, but for their contributions to the sorority, the Greek community, and the UCF campus throughout the year.Epsilon chapter sisters are known to put in 110 percent in everything they do, helping each other along the way. Christina “Dream” Chu reflected on her chapter’s emotions after the announcement, stating they worked really hard to improve their chapter for the better and be on top again.

“Every active sister contributed their ideas, hard work, dedication and, overall, heart into everything they did,” Chu said. “Working together to accomplish an established goal and always pushing each other to keep going is what made us work so hard and succeed.”
The award recognizes their dedication for the past year, but their hard work doesn’t stop here.  Epsilon chapter has big plans for the future.“I want us to keep striving for the best and keep pushing ourselves to our potentials because we are an active chapter and we have always been known to give it our all,” said Chu.