By: Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer
Grand Valley State University is not only one of our newest chapters, but also one of the most accomplished. At Convention, they received two awards—the Jade Award and the Philanthropy Award. “We were ecstatic when we heard our name twice!” says Christine Vo, a chapter sister. “We are very lucky to have a chapter with so many dedicated individuals.”

Having received the Best New Organization on their own campus shortly after having been chartered, they have continued to strive towards higher goals. They have been involved in campus activities as well as national activities and have always felt that they had to “set higher standards for ourselves with each coming year.” With such high expectations for themselves, it is no surprise that they received two awards this past convention.

Involving themselves in community activities while hosting their own events, GVSU has carved out a spot not only on their campus, but nationally as well. Their two awards of Jade and Philanthropy have made it nationally known that they do their part in the sorority. As a new chapter, they are a tight knit and humble. Like any other new chapter, they have struggled with their fair share of obstacles, but have overcome them with sisterhood being the priority. Vo says that they “always stress being our sister’s keeper. We are there for each other no matter the time or place.” Vo adds that many  of the girls have used the leadership skills they have gained through Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. in their own personal lives.

Although they are still a relatively new chapter, I encourage all chapters to take a page from Grand Valley and remember to not only set the goals higher each time, but to do it with sisterhood in mind. This is truly the way that a chapter will not only flourish, but survive and create that legacy for future generations to come.