By Monique “Dynamic” White, Staff Writer

The 45th annual Atlanta Pride Festival, renowned for its legacy of celebrating members, allies and supporters of the LGBTQ community, was held Oct. 10. Sisters from Gamma chapter at Georgia State University volunteered at the festival in hopes of supporting the festival as well as to raise money for our organization.

The Atlanta Pride Festival aims to “promote unity, visibility and self-esteem among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender and queer persons and to promote a positive image in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeastern United States through community activities and services.”

For the majority of Georgia State sisters who volunteered, this was their first pride festival they attended. After volunteering and interacting with the crowd, the sisters of the Gamma chapter had a positive and rewarding experience. In exchange for volunteering, teams would receive a percentage of the money they raised towards their team members and their personal use.

“People were extremely generous with their donations and it really surprised me,” Cynthia “Evina” Pham, a Georgia State sister, said. “I enjoyed volunteering for the festival, and I would do it again because everyone was kind-hearted. The atmosphere was lively as ever, even though it was raining on and off that day.”

Not only is the Atlanta Pride Festival a celebration of the LGBTQ community, but the Atlanta Pride Festival is also an extension of a major milestone of equality in America.

Members of the Atlanta community contribute their time to ensure the success of the festivals. One of the more beneficial forms of volunteering for the festival is fundraising; during the festival, fundraising teams walk the parade and collect donations from the crowd in exchange for stickers, where proceeds would fund the following year’s festival.

“Volunteering at Pride was definitely a unique experience,” Sister Courtney “Seraphina” Escorza, a first-time attendee, said. “Pride itself is a place full of no-judgement and self-expression, which makes for a festival full of celebration with no limit. Volunteering at such an event most definitely requires an open mindset and maturity.”


Featured Image: Jason Riedy