By Monique “Dynamic” White, Staff Writer

The sisters of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. Gamma Chapter at Georgia State University hosted their Stroll Your Bones Off stroll competition and philanthropy event on Dec. 3.

Stroll Your Bones off was designed by the sisters of Gamma chapter with the purpose of uniting Georgia State Universities Greek community for the greater purpose of giving back to the Atlanta community while bringing Osteoporosis awareness to the Georgia State University student body. In order to promote diversity and unity among Georgia State Universities four large Greek counsels, Stroll your Bones off was open to all undergraduate students who are members of any chartered Greek organization on the Georgia State University campus.

Although Georgia State University is recognized as the home to multiple and diverse chartered Greek organizations, Delta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. was the only organization able to participate in the Stroll Your Bones Off stroll competition. Many Gamma chapter sisters were disappointed about the lack of participants involved in the competition.

But instead of focusing on the number of participants, sisters decided to focus on the strength of participating group, the hard work contributed to creating the competition and most importantly, the  impact of the event on osteoporosis awareness and philanthropy.

In order to gain admissions to Stroll Your Bones Off, all attendants donated a nonperishable canned good. These canned foods were then donated to an Atlanta food shelter with the hope of making a meaningful impact on families in need during the holiday season. Donating canned foods was also a continuation of the commitment of Gamma Chapter to bring awareness of the Asian community to other communities as well as to help those within the community we learn, live and work in.

Stroll Your Bones Off was a challenging journey from the planning phases through execution.

“Stroll Your Bones Off was our first showcase that we have been able to put on and it was an amazing to be a part of it,” Sister Geneley “Aleiah” Childress said. “Being the stroll mistress for the semester, it was my job to create a routine to show as an exhibition. There were many nights that were spent staying up to create a routine and many nights spent to teach the entire routine. The hard work of myself and other sisters paid off in the end because the showcase was more successful than we could have ever imagined.”

The audience was extremely supportive and filled the room with excitement and hype as performers strolled performed.

“It was an unforgettable night and we were happy to have shared it with sisters from different chapters, friends, and family,” she said. “We look forward to continuing this showcase every fall and making it bigger and better with each year that passes.”

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