By Christina “ICON” Shin, Staff Writer

Initially hosted by Leslie Knope, portrayed by Amy Poehler, on the television show “Parks and Recreation,” Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love for your lady friends, whether they are single or not.

The following is a compiled list of fun things to do with sisters to celebrate.

When was the last time you had a sleepover with sisters? Host a classic slumber party. First, send out a mass text or invitations for the event. Or reconnect with sisters from different chapters by video chat.

Once guests arrive, share some love with sisters by making handmade goodies together, from a jar of reasons to peppermint hearts. See the instructions below on how to make some Galentine gifts.

Jar of Reasons

Copy of A Jar of Reasons

  1. Decorate a mason jar using ribbons, buttons, felt hearts, glitter and other decorative items.
  2. With red strips of paper, write a reason for each sister explaining why you love her.
  3. When everyone is finished with their jars, go around the room sharing your reasons of love.

Peppermint Hearts

Copy of Heart Tea Bags

  1. Cut out two hearts, enough to fill with crushed peppermint candy, from coffee filters.
  2. With a needle and red thread, sew together the two hearts around the edges. Make sure to leave an opening for pouring in the candy.
  3. Pour the peppermint candy inside the heart. Sew the opening of the heart shut.
  4. Leave a long strand of thread, and cut the excess. At the end of the strand, attach two stickers together, which will help hold the tea bag in its place inside a mug.
  5. Steep the peppermint heart into a mug of hot tea or hot chocolate. Enjoy!

Kisses from Sisters

Copy of Lipstick Art

  1. Ask sisters to bring their favorite lipsticks. Apply lipstick.
  2. Take turns kissing a piece of blank, white paper.
  3. Don’t forget to sign your name next to your smooch (and maybe, write a small commemorative note).
  4. Frame the paper of kisses, and ta-dah!

The most important thing is to relax, reconnect and unwind. Play games, do each others’ nails and watch some romantic comedy movies. And treat yourselves to popcorn, chocolates and candy.

Happy Galentine’s Day!



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