By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Albesa was awarded the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship on the evening of Aug. 8 by Lillie Madali, the foundation's executive director, and Hannah Seoh, fundraising director and inspiration for the alumnae grant.

Jennifer Albesa was awarded the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship on the evening of Aug. 8 by Lillie Madali, the foundation’s executive director, and Hannah Seoh, fundraising director and inspiration for the alumnae grant.

Delta Phi Lambda Foundation awarded two sisters scholarships for academia and professional development on August 8 during convention weekend in Charlotte, NC. Linh My Tran, a University of Georgia undergraduate sister, received the Academic Excellence Scholarship. Jennifer Albesa, vice president of expansion and a University of West Florida alumna, was awarded the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship.

The Jade Times reached out to Albesa for her perspective on the scholarship opportunities provided by the Foundation.

How does receiving the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship make a difference in your professional development experience?

I am starting graduate school for the second time this Fall 2015 semester. As you can imagine, graduate school isn’t necessarily cheap. I was fortunate enough to be able to get my undergraduate degree debt free with the help of scholarships and grants. Unfortunately, graduate students are ineligible to receive grants and unless you’re paying out of pocket, as far as financial aid goes, you are limited to scholarships and loans.

This scholarship will help me to purchase my books for this first semester. I have a packed, four-course schedule this semester. My first time in graduate school, I was working almost full time and only taking 2 courses a semester. My current program, however, is on a strict schedule so now, I am working a full time job and taking four classes. It’s going to be quite a challenge. We were required to purchase books early as we had assignments due our first week. With the help of this scholarship from the Foundation, I have one less thing to worry about and I can begin studying early and stay ahead in my courses.

What are your academic and/or career goals?

My academic goals are to complete my Master in Social Work program, ​gain licensure in Clinical Social Work, and one day, just as a personal goal of mine, get a doctorate degree.​ ​My career goals include being able to work with the homeless population, namely, those with mental health or substance use disorders, offering them counseling and therapy and connecting these individuals to services they need to be self-sufficient. I also really like working with kids so I’d like to be able to work with homeless families and also getting them to the point of self-sufficiency.

I think it would be cool to​ eventually​ own my own practice. Mental health isn’t taken as seriously as it should, so a challenge we’re facing includes insurance companies discontinuing coverage for something like screening. This stops the process of service referrals and treatment. In owning my own practice, I’d like to have a part in policy change while also having the freedom to offer services independently.

Why should sisters utilize the opportunities provided by the foundation?

Being a younger organization, I think it’s amazing that we are able to offer our members these types of opportunities. I think it shows the highest degree of dedication to our mission that we are invested in not only the development of our undergraduate members, but also those who have already graduated. Sisters should utilize these opportunities because they should constantly be working to be a better version of themselves. They have already started to set themselves up for greatness by pursuing higher education and being a part of this organization of dedicated female leaders. Why not continue to aim higher?

The application for the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Central/Midyear Leadership Conference Scholarship will be released in January. Further details will be provided via social media and the Foundation’s website.

Lillie Madali, executive director of the Foundation, encourages sisters to continue supporting the sorority’s endeavors as alumnae by reaching out to the foundation and learning about its opportunities.

“As always, we would appreciate any assistance directing sisters to help and donate money to the Foundation,” Madali said.

Visit to make a contribution.

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