By Christine” ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

Founding Mothers

Who remembers their first DPhiL anniversary in the sorority? Who remembers what they were doing as the clock struck midnight on December5th of whatever year you crossed? For the older girls, I found that a majority of the older sisters don’t remember the exact moment of their first anniversary, or cannot even recall what they really did on the exact day. But it’s the memories throughout the years, what you might have done a random year for the anniversary. Maybe it did not involve the entire chapter — maybe it just includes you and your line sister, reminiscing about the old days as Jennifer “Paris” Lee and Tran “Phoenix” Nguyen from Georgia State University did.

“During one anniversary, me and my line sister Tran went to RuSan’s just to chat and reminisce. We ended up crying over how old we’ve gotten, and the things that we’ve shared over the years,” Lee said.

This intimate moment is an example of the sisterhood that we share and continue to share over the years. While we recall the past, however, many sisters also look towards the future. When asked where they would like the sorority to be on our  25th anniversary, Linh “Artistry” Huynh from Grand Valley State University, who just crossed, answered that she wants “at least half of our chapters in active status, as well as more than double the number of chapters.”

A sister that crossed in Spring 2008 at Emory University, Melissa “Solaris” Duong, also stated that she wants to be “celebrating being the largest Asian-interest sorority that is internationally recognized.”

On another end, Rosalie “Micro” Zoleta, a sister from DePaul University, said that she wants “our sorority to be the closest in sisterhood by our 25th anniversary. I care more that we are active sisters become closer and make a difference, than to expand across the nation.”

All of these goals are possible, and everyone in the sorority can make a difference. December 5th is a time for our sorority to reflect nationwide, not only on the past, present and future, but about ourselves, and where we will be. This year, where were you? On December 5th , what have you done to enrich your own life and your sisters’ lives? How has the sorority changed you, and how has your leadership affected the sorority? These are only a few of the questions that we find ourselves asking as we look back on our recently passed founding date.

Finally, founder Anh “Doc” Nguyen shares her thoughts for our 12th anniversary:

“Twelve years ago on December 5, 1998, I had the privilege of starting a wonderful journey with six other Sisters. YOU ALL have the strength, patience and the passion to continue the founder’s dream to make a difference in this ever changing world. The credit belongs to those who have followed in the founders’ footsteps and continued the legacy of this great organization. Those who strive valiantly, with great enthusiasm, devotion and generously give a part of themselves to such a worthy cause should be commended for enriching this organization. Delta Phi Lambda is a better organization because of all the Sisters: past, present and future. At our best, we know the triumph of high achievement. At our worst, we give others the opportunity to exploit our weakness. United, we are unstoppable.”

Let us take these words to heart, and become truly united in our goal and in our sisterhood.

Happy Anniversary, everyone! D-Phi-yeowL!