By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

While the seasons are transitioning from hot to cold with the allure of pulling out or purchasing new winter gear, being “green” should be on our minds. Being “green” starts with being organized. And while re-organizing our wardrobes, desks and lives, there are five things everyone can do to contribute to the environment while packing away the warm weather clothes.

1. Having an excessive amount of things cluttered in the bedroom or car can cause us to waste money buying things that we already have but can’t find. Sort through your things often and take inventory, then organize your things according to use. Knowing what you have and where it is can help avoid the unnecessary trips to the store and the temptation to hoard.

2. To avoid paper clutter, go paperless. Sign up to receive your bills and statements online. If you receive junk mail, recycle. It may be hard to give up the nostalgia of holding an actual newspaper or magazine, but try reading online.

Notepads and sticky notes are sometimes essential and can be hard to do without. Try using scrap paper and be sure to use both sides when possible.

3. Recycle old electronics too. Visit to see how to recycle your old, out of date or broken phones. Print a free shipping label or request a mailer bag and you’ll be helping to plant trees! Research recycling options in your area for TVs, appliances, etc before tossing them in the trash.

4. While sorting through your clothes, you will find pieces that you no longer feel attached to but are still in good condition. If you find it hard to part with your clothes when donating them, host a clothing swap party with friends. Use clothes that are stained or torn as cleaning rags.

5. Use “green” cleaners, or make your own simple cleaning solutions. The market is becoming more saturated with environmentally-friendly cleaners that be found at any store, but if you already have white vinegar at home, mix equal parts with water for an all-purpose cleaner. Click here for more homemade cleaning recipes

There are many benefits to being green and organized: it will allow you to achieve more by helping you see the whole picture and end result more clearly, thus helping you eliminate unnecessary tasks and simplifying your life.

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