By Rissa “Iris” San Miguel, Staff Writer

Winter season is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to store that vat of intensive cream in anticipation of spring, and all the dewy goodness that warmer weather has to offer your skin. Until the temperature outside rises to match your thermostat, the heat’s still on, leading to dry skin. Follow these five simple tips to dodge the dreaded skin ailments often associated with the season:

1. Moisturize frequently. Reduced moisture in the air and biting winds can lead to dry skin, so reverse the effects by using a moisturizer, preferably a heavier one than what you use in spring and summer. Oil bases work well, but if you’re prone to oily skin, stick to cream bases.

2. Drink plenty of water. Scientists argue about water’s direct effects on dry skin, but it’s not hard to figure that the same liquid that hydrates and nourishes your body, also applies to your skin.

3. Use products with an SPF 20 or above. Simply because the sun is farther away during winter, doesn’t mean that UV rays are no less effective. Less sun damage = less skin problems, and you can’t argue with that logic.

4. Dress appropriately. Wearing the right clothing adds a barrier from the elemental effects, and reduces exposure to the moisture-zapping air. If the glove doesn’t fit… go buy new ones. Your hands will thank you.

5. Don’t forget your lips! Licking only exacerbates chapping. Carry around your favorite lip balm to stave off flaky lips, and swipe some on as often as you feel the urge.