By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-Chief

As the campaign for Women’s History Month continues, The Jade Times is proud to feature the sixth dedicated female leader, Tina “Pixel” Le from Loyola University Chicago!


Victoria “Kemira” Li said although Le, her grand-big sister, had gone inactive to focus on her studies, she returned when Li crossed and began to adjust into Greek life. She said that Le is an inspiration because she has kept her and other sisters grounded and focused on chapter and self-improvement. As chapter president, she has improved on how things are run and the chapter is growing steadily with more sisters.


“I am so grateful to have her in my life and I am sure that anyone who has met her feels the same way,” Li said. “She has that characteristic about her – you just want to be her friend.”

The Jade Times hopes sisters are enjoying these features just as much staff members are! We will continue to feature more dedicated female leaders until the end of March on the website and Instagram (@thejadetimes).

Nominations for featured dedicated female leaders are still being accepted. Please visit the following link to fill out the form:

Featured/article images: Victoria Li