By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor

The Jade Times builds onto the Women’s History Month campaign by featuring Katherine “Structure” Gust, a University of Central Florida charter, as the first dedicated female leader of our double feature this Sunday, March 29.

Huong “Theory” Van, her line sister, sees Gust as an inspiration and values her work ethic alongside her ability to be a mom and wife.

“I’m inspired by my line sister, Kathy Gust, who has a work ethic like no one else while managing to raise a child and be a supportive military wife,” Van said. “She’s sacrificed a lot for those she loves and still manages to accomplish great things in her career.”


Delta Phi Lambda was chartered at UCF by Van, Gust, Charlotte “Elektra” Dang, Wilma “Louvre” Miranda, Kady “8-ball” Tran, Susana “Maxim” Chui, Linda “Sol” Van and Chaileen “Absolut” Dionisio on May 13, 2005.

Gust is currently a mortgage production supervisor for Navy Federal Credit Union in Milton, FL. She previously worked for Wells Fargo as a credit analyst from 2006 to 2009 and interned at Merrill Lynch in 2005. She graduated from UCF in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

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