By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-Chief

The second featured dedicated female leader for March 29 is Jasmine “Werifesteria” Au, a charter for the chapter at Iowa State University.

Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw from Grand Valley State University said although Au just chartered at Iowa State University, she has already shown so much dedication and leadership. Au was president of the interest group PEARL and is currently the interim president until a new one is elected.


Au said that her educators, Jaleesa “Aspire” Reed and Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa, inspired her to become a strong, independent leader, which she hopes to instill in other women.

“I can’t tell them enough how much I look up to them and appreciate them for everything they’ve done for us,” Au said of Reed and Albesa.

Au recently volunteered to be on the 3C’s committee and is the secretary of the Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition on campus. She said that she would like to be a Greek council delegate because she wants to continue improving her relationships with others on the council. In addition to positions with the sorority, Au would like to continue to be involved with the Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition on campus and join an architecture community.

“I feel that staying involved within the community is not only crucial to my development as a woman leader but is also beneficial to the sorority as far as connections and recruitment goes,” Au said.

Au said the charters hope to collaborate with other organizations in advocacy work, and establish good relationships with other organizations to build a strong support system for their own functions.

Bradshaw said that when she talks to Au about Delta Phi Lambda and her aspirations, she “can’t help but want to be just as ambitious.”

“Meeting her and being around her energy has relit my flame for the sorority,” Bradshaw said. “She has an amazing vision and I cannot wait to see the heights she reaches for her chapter and our entire organization.”

When Au was asked who inspired her the most in her life, she said her mother inspires her through her hard work and dedication, and her father inspires her to experience and be fearless.

“My father was never afraid of what others thought of him and was never afraid of what life threw at him,” Au said. “He taught me that no matter what happens, tomorrow always comes and family will always support so why not experience today while we can?”

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