By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor

Gyn “Tweety” Wei, a Purdue University alumna and recruiter at Apex Systems, is the featured dedicated female leader for March 23.

She continuously strives to become an active part of the everlasting sisterhood. Gwen “Staccatö” McMillion, another Purdue alumna, said Wei inspires her to become a better sister and an active alumna.

Wei crossed as one of the six sisters of Purdue’s Iota Class in spring 2005.

“She’s always enthusiastic about the sorority when I talk to her, and she even reaches out to the chapter on occasion to see how they’re doing or if they need anything,” McMillion said. “Even though she crossed 10 years ago this spring, Gyn still keeps in touch with girls from the sorority.”

“Gyn’s enthusiasm and go-getter attitude, I think, are very positive, motivating and supportive attributes that make her someone to look up to,” McMillion said. “I believe she’s a good role model and someone that can truly inspire others to do better.”

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Featured image: New Covenant Fellowship Church

Article image: Huong Van