By: Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer

October is a very exciting month. Not only does it bring beautiful weather with the changing colors of the leaves that everyone loves so much, but it also brings a holiday favorite – Halloween!

What is it about this season that gets everyone so excited? Karla “Rumour” Schott, Sisterhood Chair at the University of Georgia, suggests, “It’s the memories you have as a kid, the fall weather and the spirit of fun that comes with the Halloween season.”

Current sisterhood chairs reflect on past events while preparing for the upcoming season.  Schott recalls last year’s pumpkin carving contest. Georgia Tech’s  sisterhood chair, Thuy “Prodigy” Le, also recalls their own pumpkin carving event.

This year, Schott and Le have other exciting ideas. UGA sisters will be taking a day trip to the annual Athens Corn Maze, which includes hayrides and farm animals. Schott adds, “It’s a great time to go back to those fall activities you did as a kid and you can do them again with your sisters!”

Le has planned a Halloween costume-shopping event. Sisters will have a chance to look for costumes and dress each other up. It’s also a good way to make sure no one has the same outfit as you. Le comments, “Halloween is a time when sisters can get together and just relax and enjoy the holiday.”

However, while we are in the midst of fall and Halloween, the University of West Florida also takes this time to remind us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to Honey “Joie” Nguyen, the sisters at UWF will be participating in a breast cancer walk to show their support towards finding a cure.

October also means Homecoming season. Several chapters will also be gearing up for their annual Delta Phi Lambda Weeks. With so many great events in October, make sure to keep an eye out for DPhiL! Nguyen exclaims, “This fall might be one of the best!”

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