By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

Surely, surely other people will look at our sorority and say, “Hey, DPhiL should be slowing down some, because they’ve been winning awards left and right and accomplishing things that others could only dream about!”

Except we don’t — slow down, that is. Recently at convention, we had two chapters bestowed the honor of becoming fully fledged chapters within our organization. Eta was given to DePaul, while Theta became Emory’s new letter.

And that’s not even the end of it — Emory became our Chapter of the Year!

Not only are we growing exponentially, our chapters strive for the very greatness that they achieve locally at their own chapters. Fully recognized within the organization, our newly lettered chapters know that this is not the end of the road.

In an organization that strives for excellence in all aspects of our seven virtues, DePaul and Emory went above and beyond this previous year. They not only held the annual events, but they did more. I myself received several Facebook invites for all new events. They are part of community events and involved with many different organizations, even through the recruitment period.

Emory has implemented car washes, which was promoted on Georgia Tech’s HUGEcity. DePaul has started recruitment and have a huge following on Facebook.

Each sister played a different part and are now part of a legacy that will continue to grow — it doesn’t end because you have reached a goal. You only begin a new goal.

Visit their Facebook pages, listed below.

Congratulations, DePaul and Emory!