By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc was established as the first Asian-interest sorority at Clemson University and in South Carolina on April 10 through the dedication of nine collegiate women.

The nine charters, Jessica “Continuum” Tang, Kimberly “Fortitude” Bui, Victoria “Persevere” Le, Thavi “cryptiq” Chhoun, Amy Quyen “Revolution” Nguyen, Michelle “Hermès” Gee, Kathryn “Prototype” Ho, Raghed “Edifice” AlDahabi and Clara “Bellatrix” Zhou, were revealed at Clemson as the “Noble Nine” on April 15 by their charter member educator, Ann “Borealis” Nguyen, and assistant charter member educator, chee ia “I.M.P.A.C.T.” yang. They faced challenges with communication during their education but pulled through together, uniting under a common goal and feeling to pursue the establishment of an Asian-interest sorority at Clemson.

“The moments of uncertainty and doubt made us realize how much we really did want this, as an individual, group and university,” said Michelle, a sophomore and Clemson’s chapter president. “The moments of fun were also great bonding points because they were times where we could relax and get to know each other and not have to worry about our charter member education (CME) sessions.”

Clemson initially contacted the board of directors with an interest in bringing an Asian-interest organization to campus. The Multicultural Greek Council at Clemson supported the contact and assisted with recruitment. Justina “Valkyrie” Ho, Emory University alumna and national director of expansion, responded to the call from the university, and the CME team moved forward to educate the charters.

Ann was impressed by the Clemson charters’ perseverance throughout their CME process.

“As affiliates, I saw these charters as constantly striving to better themselves and each other,” Ann said. “I saw the growth of strength and sisterhood in such a short period of time. They reminded me of my own line sisters and our time chartering.”

chee ia expressed how proud she is of the charters, and she looks forward to their accomplishments as a chapter.

“Their establishment will help encourage and pave the way for future Asian-interest Greek letter organizations in the state of South Carolina,” chee ia said. “Also, with the current campus climate at Clemson, they are conscious of how important it is to have a voice on campus and to share their narrative as Asian Americans, whether it is to dispel stereotypes about Asian Americans or having conversations about race.”

Moving forward, the chapter’s goals are to give Asians and other minorities a voice on campus. They hope to, not only make an impact through community service, but also provide a fun, social atmosphere for personal growth. The charters strive to start a movement promoting cultural awareness and women empowerment.

“We want to show our campus that there is a group of Dedicated Female Leaders that will be recognized and respected, and our voices will no longer be silenced,” Michelle said about the chapter’s goals.

“We want to be able to represent strong, independent women,” said Amy, another sophomore and Clemson vice president of internal affairs, adding to the chapter’s goals. “We want to show campus that we can be counted on when anything happens and that we are engaged.”

As the charters establish Delta Phi Lambda at Clemson, Ann encourages them to represent the sorority to the best of their abilities and to really think about and understand the meaning behind the sorority’s mission.

“That reflects us in the best light: acknowledgment in all forms,” Ann said.

“The real work is just beginning, and I know it is very easy to get caught up in the business aspect of sorority work: maintaining the image, staying in compliance with policies and expectations, etc.,” she said. “We work so hard to build a great foundation, but one of the most important pillars of that foundation is sisterhood. In times of stress, we have the ability to rely on each other. Not everyone has this blessing. Do not take it for granted.”

“Remember that you all came together, shared laughs and tears together and are currently on this amazing road of being a Dedicated Female Leader together. And if, for whatever reason, your will to go on is diminished, your flame dimmed, know that you can rekindle it. You are capable of rekindling it. You all are capable of anything and everything.“​

The sorority stands as a support system for sisters who cross through to the Everlasting Sisterhood, and chee ia advises the charters to continue to define themselves as one unit to make a lasting impact.

“As a newly chartered chapter, positively affirm one another in all that you do,” she said. “While you may bend, twist and possibly fall, you’ll never break because you’ll have support from your mama, papa and bigs, as well as from one another and from sisters all across the nation. You have a story to tell, so tell it. Do not let others silence you. Stay fierce, and keep slayin’.”

Sisters travelled to support the Clemson University charters for their reveal on April 15 (Photo credit: Ann Nguyen).

Sisters traveled from other states to support the Clemson University charters’ reveal on April 15 (Photo credit: Ann Nguyen).

Watch the video below for a clip from the reveal.

Featured and Article Images: Ann Nguyen