By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer

The Board of Directors for Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated has filled a total of 16 National Headquarters (HQ) Staff positions with sisters who have graduated and still work diligently at upholding the sorority’s mission and propelling the sisterhood.

The members are:
Southeast Governor – Vera Kim
Midwest Governor – Valerie Li
Northeast Governor – Carmen Lai
Director of Alumnae Relations – Jenny Qiao
Director of New Member Services – Juliet Shen
Director of Marketing – Chelsia Lai
Director Expansion – Justina Ho
Director of Events – Gyn Wei
Director Risk Reduction – Pamela Pedersen
Finance Manager – Mai Nguyen
Archives Manager – Christina Shin
Ritual Manager – Yvonnette Lewis
Web Director – Christal Sengkhamphong
Social Media Manager – Maria Thomas
Judicial Chairman – Jennifer Vo
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief – Kristine Medina

The national website states that the Board of Directors create the strategic plan for the sorority while the National HQ Staff leads the day-to-day operations and implements the strategic plan. With the incoming staff members, it is a great time to spotlight these sisters. We reached out to the following staff members for an inside look into the daily operations.

Southeast Governor Vera “Skyrah” Kim, acts as a bridge between the Southeast chapters and the National Headquarters. Ritual Manager Yvonnette “Resolute” Lewis’s job is to keep order and update the ritual book and answer any questions regarding ritual. Archives Manager Christina “ICON” Shin collects information from chapters. Northeast Governor Carmen “Galaxee” Lai is responsible for assisting and being the liaison between national board and undergraduate chapters at the University of Albany and the University of Delaware. Director of Marketing Chelsia “Kamala” Lai monitors Delta Phi Lambda’s brand and helps develop and establish the branding guidelines. She also oversees the monitoring of national DFL social networking accounts.

Carmen, the Northeast governor, said that the position “was very challenging in the beginning, but it is rewarding when you get to meet all the sisters, new and old, who still have fire in them.”

The staff members’ reasons for stepping up for these positions can range from inner duty, to stay close to their sorority family, to simply help and watch over their home chapters or a combination of these and more. Carmen had appreciates her position.

“It helps me stay connected with my home chapter and my little’s chapter that I helped charter,” Carmen said.

Expanding to University of Delaware was one of her highlight experiences with this position and a testament to how impactful staying involved can be and the legendary feats you can accomplish.

Yvonnette said she joined headquarters staff because she believes “that it is important to understand the purpose of each ritual and to be progressive in the creation of new ones in order to further strengthen our bonds and ties.”

Yvonnette finds that with her position she emphatically sees the importance of the rituals and reminds us all of how they tie every chapter together. In her undergrad years, she had just the same amount of pluck while she was just on the ritual committee.

Christina said she became Archives Manager because to her, it is like “scrapbooking memorable moments of DPhiL.” She, like Yvonnette with rituals, is very eager to unify sisters through record keeping.

“I wanted to use my strengths in the marketing field to give back to DPhiL and help create the strongest brand possible,” Shin said.

Part of her enthusiasm in the position is wanting to be along for the ride and witness the nationwide growth as we better our marketing.

“I thought that it would be a great opportunity to give back to the sorority and stay connected,” Kim said.

They do agree that the best part of being in HQ Staff is that it allows you to keep in touch with your home chapter.

“It definitely has helped me maintain relationships with a lot of active sisters and has allowed me to meet more actives each time I go to any events,” Lai said.

Many find involvement after graduating from college hard, but it is nice to see how these positions can keep someone involved and allow them to meet new sisters.

Christina’s favorite part of her job is her actual day-to-day work.

“I enjoy looking at past files and seeing how much Delta Phi Lambda has changed and grown,” she said. “It is like looking back at a photo album.”

Carmen agrees, she enjoys being able to watch our sorority as it grows. For others, the best part is getting to work with a nice strong group of women.

“I’ve gotten to get to know other board members and work with sisters from around the nation,” Chelsia Lai as her favorite part of the position.

One of the juiciest parts of bringing in new people to positions is the ideas they bring to the table. As Northeast Governor, keeping in contact with the different chapters is a must, however, Carmen wants to go a step further and help bridge the gap between the chapters she oversees.

“I want to build a foundation for the northeast and make sure that the chapters will be able to support each other,” Carmen said. “With the northeast region just starting, I want to be able to join these two chapters and have them socialize in more interactive ways, such as nature hikes or simple coffee dates in the heart of New York City.”

“My goal for this year is to help plan a memorable Southeast formal,” Southeast Governor Vera said. Southeast formal is one of the biggest events sisters from the Southeast, in North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana and Florida, experience each school year. Having a great formal can definitely make someone’s neo experience.

Christina wants to work the other managers and all sisters directly to have a more accurate and holistic archive. She really loves organizing and is incorporating her knack for that to file and label sorority artifacts more uniformly.

Creating a cohesive brand for DPhiL is Chelsia’s biggest goal as Marketing Manager. She really wants to come up with more creative marketing initiatives.

Yvonnette said she wants to “educate chapters on the purpose and process of new or old rituals in place and she wants to make open rituals more accessible and be progressive in their distribution.”

She also has a lot of new, innovative goals for continuing and starting new rituals. Her plan is to create “specific alumnae rituals for ceremonies like marriage, baby showers and to have additional optional rituals for sisters to participate in to increase sisterhood.“

These alumnae sisters, while still dedicated and working hard in these positions, are doing a lot to climb the ladder in their careers and proving to be the definition of dedicated female leaders. Carmen is currently a paralegal. Yvonette is in graduate school at the University of Georgia. Vera is working and preparing to go to graduate school for nursing, and Christina is getting ready for law school and just became a trained medical interpreter. Chelsia works with Digital Marketing and Social Media at Entertainment Cruises in Chicago.

For more updates concerning the national office and HQ staff members, stay posted and visit the national website at



Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times