By Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw, Contributing Writer

We all know the anxiety and stress that comes with the last week of the semester when all the information we’ve been learning has accumulated and we must be tested on it. But have no fear, there are ways to help manage your time, take better notes, and stop all of that academic procrastination!

It’s important to make your study time productive and efficient.

  • Don’t know where to begin? TAKE CONTROL
    • Make a list of all the things you need to do and schedule your time realistically
    • Begin studying early and slowly build as the exam date approaches
  • Too much to remember? ORGANIZE
    • Try writing chapter summaries or grouping info into categories
  • Boring material? ATTACK
    • Try discussing the topics with a classmate
    • Get actively involved with the material
  • ­­Not sinking in? ELABORATE
    • Trying linking the information to something personal
    • Connect what you’ve been learning to what you already know
  • Just can’t recall the info? REVIEW
    • Test yourself while reviewing and highlight what you don’t know
    • Re-read portions you don’t understand
  • So much to study, so little time! OUTLINE
    • Survey your course outline and highlight the most important topics and concepts
    • Recall increases as study time gets spread out over time

Some of the most important things in preparation for finals week are: eat HEALTHY; get plenty of SLEEP; and EXERCISE.

To put all of the strategies in this article would be overwhelming. Fortunately, Grand Valley State University offers many great resources, worksheets, and suggestions for preparing for finals. We ended our semester’s finals week (April 20-24) but feel free to benefit from the resources on our university’s website. Please use the following link below!

I hope this article helps you with your finals and good luck!


Featured image: Shho