By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

With the excitement of Halloween festivities comes the frustration of finding something to wear to all the costume parties. Now that it is mid-October and those parties are sprouting up right around the corner, there is little time to browse the limited assortment of costumes on store shelves. Luckily, any girl can put together a cute costume with just basic pieces of clothing by adding items found around the house for a family and work-friendly look. Although a few props may need to be made, no clothing has to be destroyed to achieve a unique look.

Try one of these looks, and you can be sure you won’t bump into someone with an identical costume.

To dress up as a superhero, first pick a color scheme. Choose a top and bottom, preferably a skirt, a belt and dark opaque tights or leggings is a must. Find a bed sheet or large piece of scrap cloth and some ribbon or string to make a cape. You will need a face mask to hide your identity and a superhero symbol to identify yourself as a legitimate mysterious hero. The superhero symbol can be made from felt or any old clothes you no longer wear; just make a design and cut it out. Click to see an example of a face mask . Attach the symbol with safety pins, put on the face mask, a pair of boots and you are complete.

To transform into a witch for the night, find an all-black outfit. Dress according to the weather. Find a dark-toned loose bed sheet or cloth big enough to act as a cape, fold the sheet 12 inches over on the top, wrap it around your shoulders and pin or tie together to complete your cape. To top it off, add the essential witch hat. Purchase of a hat is unnecessary, as there are many tutorials available online. Try this hat:

A pirate hat and sword are optional when it comes to converting into a pirate. All you’ll need is to find dark bottoms, a striped shirt, bandana (preferably with skulls on it), an oversized belt and boots. You can accessorize with a DIY eye patch (see demonstration here ) and big hoop earrings.

Should you find it too tasking to put together props, you can always pull out the toilet paper and get creative in a mummy costume. Anyone with the right swagger can pull off this cute classic.

Photo credit: Gaoli Moua
Model: Katherine “Snarf” Nguyen

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