By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Receiving an award for Chapter of the Year came as a surprise to UWF chapter’s charter Honey “Joie” Nguyen, who said earning the award makes her chapter want to work even harder to strive for better and more recognition.“We do not want just the recognition, but we want others to know we worked hard for what we have earned,” Nguyen added.
Juliette “Optyc” Albesa said that because her chapter is the most recent addition to Delta Phi Lambda, a lot of bars were set before them and people had expectations of them.

“Having won Chapter of the Year, we were able to show anyone that ever doubted us that we are a very dedicated group and that together, we can accomplish anything,” Juliette Albesa said.

Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa said the chapter at UWF works diligently, and is advanced when it comes to operations and organization. She explains that everything is planned well in advance, especially meetings.
At their events, Greek-lettered organizations from all councils attend. The chapter has gained not only the support from other organizations (both Greek and non-Greek) on campus, but it also has support from others in the community.

Jennifer Albesa said each sister provides her own talents and experience to the growth and promotion of the sorority through various ways such as baking, organizing, networking and designing graphics.

“For many weeks out of the year, you will find them outside selling some type of food or other goods to raise money for philanthropies and to get the name Delta Phi Lambda out there,” Jennifer Albesa said.

Nguyen said they have planned out most of what they’re doing for this semester and the next semester. In addition to recruiting more members, Juliette Albesa said UWF chapter plans on doing more philanthropic work, and possibly trying to start an incentive program so that alumnae can reward hardworking sisters with monetary donations toward sorority-related expenses.

“This year will be a great year,” Nguyen said. “If possible, we may consider going up for status, if everything goes well.”