By Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw, Staff Writer

Running Delta Phi Lambda is no easy task. We are constantly growing, evolving and trying to better ourselves, so naturally our national board of directors is made up of dedicated female leaders.

Three new board members were elected into their positions on Aug. 8. Wilma Miranda was elected as national president; Jaleesa Reed as vice president collegiate; and Tracy Wang as vice president of records.


From left to right: Wilma Miranda, Jaleesa Reed and Tracy Wang (Image Special to The Jade Times)

For this issue, we were privileged to interview our recently elected president and the former national president, May Advincula. 

We asked President Miranda a few questions concerning her new position:

  • How did you feel when the results were announced and you were voted as the national president?

    It didn’t sink in right away, so I felt fine.

  • What are you looking forward to accomplishing the most during your term?

    I look forward to working with the board and staff towards implementing improvements across all aspects of the sorority.

  • What are the challenges you foresee in your position? How will you overcome them?

    My biggest challenge I foresee is becoming accustomed to the position. Being president is very different from being any other position in that I have to be aware of every aspect of the sorority versus focused on one specific area. I’ve learned to take it a day at a time. I also remind myself that I’m one person in our national headquarters team, and that it takes all of us to be successful.

Former President May Advincula, who served for a total of three years (one as Vice President of Records and two years as president), passes on these tips to the new board members:

  • 1) Keep an open mind: Settling for “but we’ve always done it this way” is a restrictive way of thinking. If something we’re doing is not efficient or isn’t working, we should be open to learning alternative ways to do something. For instance, learning from other existing organizations give us an opportunity to think critically about our own organization and what we could potentially do to fit the needs of our Sorority.  
  • 2) For the good of the whole: If you find yourself second guessing a decision, ask yourself, is this in the best interest of the whole Sorority? Many of us come from the experience from working in our own chapter and understanding the needs and challenges from a chapter perspective. However, on the national level, you have to come at things looking at the entire picture, and not just one piece of the puzzle. A decision a Board member has to make has to take into account the entire organization.
  • 3) Relationships are key:  When you volunteer on the national scale, it’s easy to get caught up in your “to-do” list, and we forget about connecting on a personal level. My most favorite memories are the ones where I had an opportunity to get to know the sisters on the Board and because of that I feel like we built a foundation of trust and respect for each other which made working together that much better.

When asked about the most valuable trait for a successful president, May answered with patience. “From evaluating an initiative, fostering a relationship, solving a problem, understanding different perspectives, etc.  – Things take time.” May also gives our newly elected National President, Wilma Miranda, this advice: “Just breathe. There is a laundry list of initiatives and hope and dreams that many sisters have for our organization, but it doesn’t mean we have to rush things and try to get everything done ASAP. Take time to enjoy the experience because it does go by quickly!”

Leading is no easy feat but all of our former board members have proven that it can be done, and our new board members are definitely up to the task. 

For the September issue, The Jade Times will be featuring the new and former vice presidents of records, Tracy Wang and Christine Ho.

The board of directors is still searching for a web director and a social media manager to fill the headquarter staff positions. If interested in either of the open positions, contact