By Mai “Suave” Nguyen, National Vice President of Finance

We are delighted to have American Bone Health as our official national philanthropy!

We’ve challenged ourselves to think holistically about the contribution we can make by asking how we can truly bring to life the promise and potential of building awareness for osteoporosis.

Our collaboration with American Bone Health will raise much-needed funds but also engage new audiences, provide opportunities to support American Bone Health in the long term, and help alert others about risk factors and preventative measures. We take our philanthropic responsibility seriously. Rather than simply writing a check, we want to build an ongoing partnership that will continue to deliver tangible benefits to communities across the nation.

We will have sisters train to become peer educators in preparation of giving community talks and sharing information on bone health. The training will teach lifelong skills for health and wellness as well as inform about the latest in osteoporosis prevention and treatments. Peer educators will conduct a number of outreach programs from screenings to workshops for local communities.

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About American Bone HealthInternational Osteoporosis Foundation

“American Bone Health is a community-based organization focused on public education and advocacy. Its reach is dramatically increasing through the recruiting, training and nurturing of a national network of peer educators who provide local programs in their communities to raise awareness and generate healthy actions among consumers to improve bone health and reduce osteoporosis and fractures.”

Featured Image: American Bone Health

Source: Nguyen (2018, Jan) Our history