By  Ngoc “Oriflamme” Doan, Contributing Writer

Hello, sisters! Are you ready for convention weekend? This year, we will be going back to where the Everlasting Sisterhood was established at the University of Georgia in 1998. Convention will be held in Athens, Ga. from August 3 to 5.

Convention is a time for sisters across the nation to meet and collaborate new ideas and discuss ways to improve their own chapters. For many sisters, this weekend will host their first convention. For others, it will be another great experience. With twenty chapters across the country, we are celebrating Delta Phi Lambda’s twentieth anniversary this year.

Many special events are in store to celebrate this great achievement. Here’s a link to details about convention and the program of events:

This year, we welcomed a new chapter of Delta Phi Lambda, University of Wisconsin-Madison. All of the members of the charter class will be attending convention and they’re all eager for the experience.

“I’m looking forward to convention is meeting other sisters and learning more about DphiL.” Jennifer “Incognito” Her, a Wisconsin-Madison charter sister said.

Connie “Amalina” Xiong, another charter, also shares Her’s sentiment.

“I am looking forward most to meeting more sisters,” Xiong said. “I’m also so excited to see the passion of Delta Phi Lambda through these next couple days by learning more about what it means to be part of this sorority from each sister and each workshop and being able to expand upon our insights.”

“I’m looking forward to reuniting with my line sisters and meeting all the sisters from the different chapters,” Kashia “XTERIOR” Yang, Her’s and Xiong’s line sister, said. In addition, I’m also really excited to explore Georgia because I’ve never been there before.”

Rose “Naylanıe” Lee, also a Wisconsin-Madison charter, said she is looking forward to meeting her grand big sister and reuniting with her own big sister. She hopes to meet one of the seven founders. The road trip with her line sisters is a bonus for her, and she said it should be a unique experience. She expressed her nervous excitement regarding Madison-Wisconsin’s first appearance at a national event.

“We hope to inspire, impress, and most importantly build new relationships,” Lee said.

Meeting sisters from across the nation is an invaluable experience and allows us to grow beyond our own chapters. When we share ideas from different perspectives, compare and contrast campus lives, and discuss successes and failures, we only stand to grow together. This convention is a great opportunity to collaborate and celebrate our experiences as well as fortify the sorority as one united collective.

Good luck to all the attending sisters. Hope to meet you all soon!


Featured & Article Image: Special to The Jade Times