By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. revealed its nineteenth chapter, the third in the northeast region, at the University of Connecticut (UConn) on April 16.

Seven collegiate women crossed April 10 as the UConn charters with the guidance of their charter member educator, Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa, assistant charter member educator, Tracy “Anthem” Wang, and Alpha Chapter transfer student, Donna “Mythic” Chow. The charters are Bernice “eXcalibur” Sit, Kaitlyn “Mantra” McCarthy, Victoria “ILLUИ*A” Moun, Janet “Sybele” Zheng, Tiffany “Magnetyc” Hsu, Angela “Citadel” Villella and Sylvia “Resonate” Wang.

Tracy is proud of these charters for their one-of-a-kind characteristics, and for wanting specifically to be in DPhiL because they loved its seven virtues of loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication, integrity, discipline and academic excellence.

“I have no doubt they will live out the mission and the virtues of DPhiL at UConn,” Tracy said. “They will bring adversity to the UConn community and the chapter will become home to many new members in the future.”

“Each of them is unique in their own way,” Tracy said about the charters. “Each of them has a certain quality that makes a great class.”

These ladies may be sorority neophytes, but they are social and actively rooted in other organizations on the UConn campus. The campus ties will help further the impact that this chapter will have in their respective Greek and Asian communities at their college.

Jennifer has a lot of faith in what they can do, based on what they have already done.

Previous accomplishments include fundraising and powering up a website for their chapter goals, expressed by one of the charters, Bernice Sit. A rising senior, she said she was elated at the opportunity to charter a new sorority chapter before graduating from UConn.

Bernice bonded with Donna over a common trait of Fuzhounese language skills and was intrigued upon hearing about DPhiL. Donna transferred from the University of Georgia, where she crossed as a sister, to UConn in fall 2014 and assisted in recruitment of the Connecticut charter class.

“I became active in pursuing a chapter at the University of Connecticut when I felt connected with the sisters of University at Albany,” Donna said. “After they reached out to me, I really wanted to bring a group of leaders onto campus.”

“Not only are they becoming better leaders, but they are also becoming better sisters and team members,” Donna said about the charters. “They know when to lead, but also understand that they must step back and actively listen to the other leaders in our community.”

The idea of a Delta Phi Lambda (DPhiL) interest group had been in the works since 2012.

“I talked to the FSL assistant director, Jamel Catoe, after our reveal and we laughed at how this expansion endeavor has been in the works since 2012,” Albesa said. “I had met with him multiple times over the past few years to try to get something started, and finally, their Intercultural Greek Council (IGC) opened up for expansion.”

The chapter’s goals for the next few months include establishing a website and social media presence, networking within the Greek community, visibility, understanding internal operations and fundraising.

“These women were already part of organizations on campus dedicated to spreading awareness about their culture and engaging the community in important and relevant discussions,” Jennifer said. “Now, we offer them another platform to continue to be a voice for the APIA community on campus and as charters, they can fulfill this mission on their own terms.”

May their light shine forth as bright as the chapters before them, and perhaps spark inspiration for chapters to come. If angels are known to be bearers of light, it seems fitting that this charter class is known as the “Seraphic Seven.”

The Jade Times asked the UConn expansion team to give the charters advice as they establish their chapter, and here’s what they said:

“As we talked about many times during our meetings, there is still a lot of work to be done. As charters, you will build the foundation of this chapter. The chapter will only be as great as you make it, and now, you must use your voice to represent and lift up our community. Also, remember the importance of setting expectations of one another and openly communicating your expectations.” -Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa, Charter Member Educator and Vice President of Expansion

“Be confident and prideful of who you are and the letters you are wearing, but never be arrogant. As a chapter, always have open communication in order for everyone to be on the same page. This way the chapter will be able to run smoothly.“ -Tracy “Anthem” Wang, Assistant Charter Member Educator and Vice President of Records

“My advice to the charter class is to never forget to represent the best that you are because as leaders, you only want to encourage others to strive for a better version of themselves. I learned this when sisters reached out to me, challenging me to do greater things for the Delta Phi Lambda and for the community.” -Donna “Mythic” Chow, University of Georgia (Alpha Epsilon Class)

Watch the videos below for the University of Connecticut charter reveal:


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times