By Thavi “cryptiq” Chhoun, Staff Writer

The Clemson Colony Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda was invited to participate in Girl Code hosted by the Omicron Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST) on Oct. 5.

Girl Code was a collaborative event that included other National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) sororities from Clemson University. The event highlighted modern issues that women face. The topics covered in conversation were hair, health & beauty; relationships; women in business; sexual relationships/ health and mental awareness.

The event began with an icebreaker. One person said the phrase, “I’m a woman. You’re a women if….” and continued with an identifying characteristic in the middle of a formed circle. The individuals who identified with what the speaker said left their positions to find open spots within the circle. The sole person remaining at the end became the new speaker in the middle of the circle. The icebreaker was great way to relax participants and make them more comfortable during the dialogue. DST emphasized that the event was a safe space and everything said will be in confidence, no judgment.

Since the event took place in October, the dress code was Halloween-themed pajamas, where most participants arrived in playful onesies. Despite the playful theme, the conversation gave serious insight into all the issues that women personally face and advice from other women on how to manage them. For mental awareness, representatives from the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) of Clemson stopped by to introduce themselves and extend an invite to anyone who felt that she needed emotional or mental support of any kind.

Clemson sisters had the topic of women in business, and they began with highlighting online resources for advice on how to get ahead in the business world. Then, the presentation became open for any advice on how to dress professionally without breaking the bank. Input was also given by the crowd about the best ways to network and where to go on campus for resources.

After the discussions, everyone was invited to make a vibe board, a poster board where one placed things that were personally important for motivation to succeed. There were a plethora of markers, magazines and scrapbook items to help make the boards. Each participant also received a mug, candle and bag of chocolates as a sign of gratitude from DST. The event hosted more than forty collegiate women from Clemson.

Clemson DPhiL is grateful and would like to thank DST for the opportunity to participate in this inspiring event, as it aligns with the motto of empowering strong female leaders.


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times