By Kristine “Sumitra” Aguilan, Christine “ECKO” Ho and Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writers

With the new year well underway, the time for resolutions and new beginnings has come. Every year, individuals create new year’s resolutions, challenging themselves to become better people — whether it is the ever-popular weight-loss route, learning a new skill set or even just to become a little bit happier in life, the journey to fulfilling that goal is just as satisfying as achieving the goal itself.

Here at “The Jade Times,” we asked the presidents of several chapters what their new year’s resolutions would be for 2012. Though we anticipated the responses would be very similar, we wanted to see what new ideas and implementations each chapter had in store for their would-be affiliates.

University of Georgia

UGA plans to go all out and shoot for Chapter of the Year. Of course, it won’t be by lying down — the chapter is planning to come up with new programs. Because all programs have a tendency to gear toward Greek stereotypes or programs about gender roles, etc., UGA has decided that it is going to hold a specific program about domestic violence. This program will be educational as well as empowering for all types of women and men. UGA chapter will also be holding life-value programs such as how to build your credit. With the start of a new year, no one wants to begin — or end — with debt.

University of Cincinnati

Jessie “Lily” Truong has set three goals in mind for this upcoming term: effective communication, time management and enthusiasm. She said, “In order to maintain solid communication, sisters have been checking and replying to all e-mails daily and we have also started using a group text number to be able to contact one another instantly for important questions or information.” She also admits that since time management is an issue, planning ahead of time for events or activities is key, in which communication plays a strong role. They established a requirement of wearing suitable DPhiL gear at all times, as well as a vow to display a positive attitude to attract future female leaders.

Emory University

Emory is also aspiring to make this year big — 2012 marks its 10th anniversary of being established! The chapter plans to make a month-long event out of its joyous occasion; filled with educational programs as well as sisterhood events. Having made 10 years is definitely an achievement, and a week just isn’t enough to celebrate it!

Illinois State University

Whitney “Airwyn” Newton plans to tackle the “root of all evil” and work on controlling financial issues they have experienced in the past. The focus on collecting required dues and fees from each sister will help to balance out the costs of maintaining the chapter and with the new standards in place set forth by National Board, it will make it that much easier to resolve this particular issue. Newton said, “[As President] I want to continue to motivate those in the sorority to want to be Newton said, “[As President] I want to continue to motivate those in the sorority to want to be active as much as they possibly can and see things as something fun as opposed to a chore.” Along with working on consistency within the chapter for activities and rush events, ISU is hosting formals later in the spring and planning a summer retreat to help the bonds of the active sisters once two of them have returned from their study abroad in Japan.

Purdue University

Being a college town campus, it is somewhat easier to be able to schedule last-minute meetings and events, but what is there to do around town? Along with rush events and sisterhoods, Gwen “Staccatö” McMillon’s vision for the spring 2012 semester includes reaching out to the community at large, and performing more services and philanthropies to spread the sorority’s name. This can assist in another goal: boosting recruitment in order to achieve Active status. Spring cleaning seems to be on her mind as well, as she wants to spend time updating the bylaws of the chapter and preparing the petition to move the chapter up in status by the time Convention rolls around.

Loyola University

With the chapter scattered throughout the city of Chicago, it can become difficult to find the means and the time to congregate, even just for chapter meetings. With Loyola, the focus seems to be strengthening the bonds that are already established at the chapter. Tiffany “Gia” Yi said, “[…] so far for spring, I would like to have more sisterhoods. It’s hard for all 10 of us to be [in] one place because of all our schedules. Also, I wanted us to go up in status but I know realistically that won’t happen [this year]. So we are shooting for at least the Blue Rose Award. We’ve improved a lot in the past year so I hope that continues. We’re also having our first retreat this year.” Plans for the retreat are in the works, but the anticipation and significance of the retreat is bringing the chapter closer together.

Grand Valley State University

Being one of the first chapters in the Midwest to have a winter class, GVSU wants to return to their charter’s old roots and is seeking to develop another winter class. With a few plans to increase their GPA standing and a successful DPhiL week, the most interesting event for Megan “Charisma” Fish and her chapter would be their upcoming participation in neighboring Western Michigan University’s Multigreek Council (MGC) Showcase — with the invitation to a university with no Asian-interest focused sororities (Sigma Lambda Gamma is a multicultural sorority), this opens up new opportunities to make friends, build interests in our sisterhood, and possibly develop a new chapter within the Midwest.

University of West Florida

Last but not least, the University of West Florida also has many plans. As one of Delta Phi Lambda’s newest chapters, UWF sisters’ aspirations are big and bright. They plan to attract more sisters into the fold, and move forward into being an Active chapter. With more sisters, more plans, and just simply more, they are on their way to the top. Their Lunar New Year Event is also filled with cultural activities such as calligraphy and skits. Having started out with just a few sisters and their advisor in this event, they plan to make this particular one grow to its biggest yet this year. This year will include collaborations with other organizations to include other Asian organizations as well as bring in a larger audience. UWF also plans on having more sisterhood throughout the year to feel the bond between sisters grow and flourish.

We know that all chapters already have their resolutions set, and are all going to meet their goals. Delta Phi Lambda always delivers their promises, after all!