by Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer and Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

Spring has come to an end with its stressful finals and exams. As we look forward to summer on the horizon, we also look back to what has transpired. For chapters, all have gone above and beyond all expectations. Three such chapters are the Loyola University Chicago, Grand Valley State University, and the University of West Florida.

Loyola University Chicago’s greatest achievement this Spring was to host the Midwest formal for the chapters of that region. Hosting a successful and beautiful formal for six chapters, they successfully carried it out as well as installing all of the newly crossed members of the Midwest. Formals are difficult to handle with all the financial and logistical problems they present, but Loyola was able to not only carry out all of the duties, but they also made it enjoyable. Chapters and guests were able to relax and have fun in an environment assured of each chapter’s successes and beautiful new members.

Newly installed sisters at Midwest Formal hosted by Loyola University Chicago

Grand Valley State University is also not a stranger to accomplishments. A chapter that thrives on philanthropy, they helped each other, members of their community, as well as people overseas. Because conventions are important to the development of a sister, many helped raise money for sisters in the chapter to attend our annual convention. When disaster struck Japan, they selflessly decided to donate a portion of the funds to help sisters to the relief fund. Working tirelessly, they sold cake pops and brownies all week. They raised over $200 for Japan and would have made more if they had not run out of the cake pops and brownies due to demand each day. They have also held other sales to raise money for other important philanthropies such as Relay for Life and other projects. This relatively new chapter has had a steady and strong growth since they were established in 2009.

Grand Valley State University advertised their bake sale via Facebook events to raise moeny for the chapter’s philanthropic efforts including Relay for Life.

The University of West Florida has accomplished a number of things since they have been established in March of 2010. They have crossed their first class, hosted a potluck that promoted unity within all Greeks on campus, and successfully completed many philanthropic projects. Two of their greatest achievements in the Spring include their annual Lunar New Year event, and raising money for Japan relief funds. Their Lunar New Year event has brought not only culture to the community and campus, but has also provided entertainment to everyone. Using booths and time in between performances, they have set up an event where people can have fun taking pictures or playing mini-games as well as watching the groups on campus perform to the best of their ability. For Japan’s relief funds, our UWF chapter has been able to raise approximately $900 to the cause by selling T-shirts, funnel cakes, and even fried Oreos. Their creativity has enabled this new chapter to not only go above and beyond, but also create an exemplary icon for those wishing to join Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. in the future.

Sisters at the University of West Florida sold t-shirts in order to raise money for Japan disaster relief.

All three chapters have accomplished a lot in the scant few months involving Spring. We hope to see more from them, from other chapters, and from sisters nationwide as we continue to grow and develop.