By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Copy Editor & Staff Writer

Honesty – In putting together my journalism portfolio, honesty is key in selecting writing samples to feature.

Loyalty – Despite the disagreements and issues we may have had together in the past, I maintain my loyalty to my line sisters because they have stuck by me.

Respect – Traveling can be exciting but it can also contribute to pollution. Respecting the earth by throwing trash away in their proper binsand leaving a vacation spot as you found it is instrumental to having a good experience.

Dedication – Contributing to The Jade Times allows me to show my dedication to the sorority as a whole throughout the year.

Integrity – The summer brings together families to celebrate themselves, rather than holidays. Despite the disagreements and dramatic reactions that occur within a family, the beauty of knowing who you are and being able to find peace with where you come from illustrates integrity.

Discipline – The warm weather entices us to go out and get our fair share of vitamin D from under the sun, but making sure to not stay out too long will help avoid possible sunburns and skin cancers.

Academic excellence – While there may not be any assigned readings to keep up with during the summer, reading books, magazines and newspaper help keep my brain exercised until the academic school year starts again.