By Christina “ICON” Shin, Staff Writer

In the previous article, we were able to reach out  to Amanda “Lyriq” Luong about the newly established University of Georgia Alumnae Chapter. We also reached out to Central Florida’s alumnae chapter president, Mai “Suave” Nguyen. By the end of this article, you will be able to see the differences and similarities of the two alumnae chapters.

What encouraged sisters to form the alumnae chapter?

We wanted to find a way for our alum sisters to remain engaged with the sorority at some level, even with their busy post-grad lives. We were lucky to have a small group of sisters who were passionate enough to make the foundation of the association a priority, along with our fabulous events.

How was the process in becoming an alumnae chapter? What was the hardest obstacle that the alumnae chapter came across?

Just like anything worth doing, the process took time, passion and commitment. Dipika “Quiesence” Joshi created the verbiage for our presentation. The hardest obstacle has been scheduling! From conference calls to in-person meetings, it is tough to get things on the calendar. Especially since people have full-time jobs, family lives and other personal commitments to juggle. But we’ve made it happen.  

What are the goals of the alumnae chapter?

Our goals are to reconnect our alumnae with our active house, provide networking and socializing opportunities with sisters in and around Florida, and to provide a new way to engage with the sorority as we all move forward in our professional careers.

What are some of the accomplishments thus far?

We recently hosted a special three-day weekend filled with events to celebrate the Epsilon Chapter’s 10th anniversary that was well-attended by alums, actives and their families and friends. It was a big undertaking and it turned out to be an amazing night.  

Any advice to future alumnae chapters?

It can be a challenging road to get started but it’s worth the effort. Surround yourself with passionate, like-minded individuals who share your end goals. And while not everyone may have the time to dedicate to the foundation of the chapter, find other ways for alums to be involved in a smaller level. Can they help design a website, contribute to a newsletter, provide decor for an event, etc. Also, identify issues that may affect your chapter individually. For example, a fair amount of our local alumnae have young children, so creating family-friendly events are essential to drive attendance and participation.

Any events you would like to promote?

Contact Mai “Suave” Nguyen via Facebook for future events!

Members (from left to right): Erica “Flare” Patel – Spring 2009, Lillie “Premier” Dao – Fall 2008, Mai “Suave” Nguyen – Fall 2011, Shehani “Tresor” Ranadewa – Fall 2008, Dipika “Quiescence” Joshi – Fall 2006, Sarah “Brevity” Wongmanee – Fall 2005 and not pictured, Katriana “Pulse” Rivera – Spring 2013